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Change Control Management in Projects

To qualify students to understand that the change needed to evolve or even to survive is a prerequisite of the ultimate management technique and is one of the greatest difficulties in the business field.

The organization needs to have their processes and their work team prepared and it needs to be mature enough to very fast adapt itself to the changes and ensure the success of its projects and operations.

Training content

  • Identify the uncertainty areas of the project
  • Structure an integrated change control process
  • Get support to implement the integrated change process
  • Understand and minimize the resistance that comes from the cultural aspects of the informality
  • Integrate the changes in project scope, schedule and quality
  • Structure the change control board (CCB)

Fact sheet

Estimated duration

16 hours

Number of participants

Minimum 20 students per class

Target audience

Project managers, project team members, sponsors and others stakeholders interested in the project management process.


Project management knowledge


Portuguese and English


Provided by the contractor. Worldwide attendance.

Number of PDU Provided

16 Professional Development Units (PDUs) are the measuring units issued by the Project Management Institute for the credential holders.

Basic program

Introduction to change management

  • Understanding the nature and necessity of change
  • Influence of external and internal scenario
  • Recognizing the uncertainties
  • A question of survival

Organizational processes

  • Organizational processes mapping
  • Maturity processes diagnosis
  • Maturity projects diagnosis

Planning and implementing a project change management

  • Cultural aspects
  • Analysis of the organizational strategy
  • Gap Analysis
  • The role of communication
  • The profile of the project implementers of change management
  • Organizational Support
  • Creating the plan for change management
  • Setting performance indicators
  • Implementing the project change management


  • Organization culture and defects
  • Market and competition
  • Communication
  • Risks

Keeping the organization on track

  • Lessons learned
  • Assessment of benefits
  • Implement and monitor continuous improvement

Supported standards and methodologies

Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • PMBOK® Guide
  • PMI Practice Standard for Configuration Management
Scrum Alliance
  • Scrum Methodology