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Cost and Financial Management in Projects

To qualify the students in the project financial and budgets management and to assess the interface between the financial and others project’s areas.

To provide the students the possibilities to understand the cost estimates, financial quantification, etc. The course will also define and present the projects investment concepts and the project selection criteria.

Training content

  • Compose the project’s financial structure
  • Distinguish different types of project costs
  • Determine the cost implications in the project scope and schedule changes
  • Make the direct project cost / benefit calculation
  • Buy different projects through the Net Present Value
  • Determine the project Breakeven through the project schedule and budget
  • Do a pre-project analysis and determine the investment’s financial viability

Fact sheet

Estimated duration

16 hours

Number of participants

Minimum 20 students per class

Target audience

Project managers, project team members, PMO members, cost managers, buyers and others stakeholders interested in the project management process.


Desirable project management knowledge.


Portuguese, English and Spanish


Provided by the contractor. Worldwide attendance.

Number of PDU Provided

16 Professional Development Units (PDUs) are the measuring units issued by the Project Management Institute for the credential holders.

Basic program

The context of project financial management

  • Presentation
  • The different types of costs
  • Income
  • Price formation
  • Operating profit

The relationship between quality x costs x schedule

  • Direct relationship
  • Priority differences among projects
  • Cost x Time relationship
  • Cost x Performance relationship

The Project Phases

  • The 5 project phases
  • The 5 project phases
  • The overlapping of phases in the PMBOK
  • The interference of the phases in the project cost management
  • The 42 processes that constitute the PMBOK – 4th Edition

The Project Cost Management processes

  • Cost estimating
  • Budgeting
  • Cost Control

Cost Estimating

  • Detailed estimating
  • Analogy
  • Parametric
  • Monetary adjustments

Qualitative Financial Management Tools and Project Selection Tools

  • Project selection
  • Present value
  • Benefit cost analysis
  • Net present value
  • Break-even point
  • Fast tracking

Cost control, in Investment Projects

  • Definition
  • Order of magnitude control
  • Pre-project analysis
  • Price formation in investment projects

Supported standards and methodologies

Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • PMBOK® Guide
  • PMI Practice Standard for Estimating
  • PMI Practice Standard for Earned Value Management
  • PMI Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structure
  • PMI Practice Standard for Scheduling