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Negotiation Techniques for Project Managers

Macrosolutions provides the training that will empower students in the negotiation techniques subject, allowing a better understanding of the dynamics involved in the business relationships and enhancing the negotiation’s positive results.

Training content

  • Understand the importance of the negotiation
  • Distinguish the negotiation competitive mechanisms from the collaborative ones
  • Plan to negotiate in a competitive way
  • Create strategies to aggregate value
  • Alternate and use "hard", "soft" and "analytical" approaches
  • Understand the different cultures’ influence in the negotiation styles
  • Establish an effective rapport
  • Be familiar with the personal strengths inventory through the SDI
  • Apply the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Jung’s preferences in the negotiation
  • Understand the game theory’s influence in the negotiation
  • Convert positions into interest during the negotiation
  • Assess and understand the complex negotiations involving different levels of power and multi-stakeholders
  • Identify and manage persons and hard personalities in the negotiation

Fact sheet

Estimated duration

16 hours

Number of participants

Minimum 20 students per class

Target audience

Executives, project managers, Departments Managers, Buyers or anyone interested in negotiations.




Portuguese, English and Spanish.


Provided by the contractor. Worldwide attendance.

Number of PDU Provided

16 Professional Development Units (PDUs) are the measuring units issued by the Project Management Institute for the credential holders.

Basic program

Negotiation in projects

  • The negotiation process in a project environment
  • The importance of negotiation for each one who is involved
  • Determining the negotiation needs of everyone
  • Power and negotiation
  • Batna and zopa

The different types of negotiation techniques

  • The colaborative and the competitive schools
  • The soft approach
  • The analytical approach
  • The tough approach

The cultural aspects involved in a negotiation process

  • Culture and rapport
  • Respecting the differences
  • Building bridges x walls

Using the MBTI as a negotiation support tool

  • The Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Jung preferences
  • Avoinding conflicts in teams using the MBTI
  • How the MBTI can be used in a negotiation

The 5 steps to success in a negotiation

  • Planning the negotiation
  • Games Theory and the negotiation
  • Exploring alternatives
  • Converting positions into concerns

Complex negotiation

  • Complex systems
  • The Theory of Complexity
  • Exploring differences
  • Obtaing alternative deals

Group exercises

  • Negotiation exercise : in pairs
  • Complex negotiation exercise with multiple stakeholders

Supported standards and methodologies

Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • PMBOK® Guide
  • PMI Project Manager Development Competency Framework
Scrum Alliance
  • Scrum Methodology
International Project Management Association (IPMA)
  • ICB® IPMA Competence Baseline