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Project Quality Management

The objective of this course is to qualify the student to understand the vital connection between the quality management and the project success.

Training content

  • Understand the quality cost
  • Plan quality policies and standards;
  • Identify the quality target audience
  • Perform Quality Assurance
  • Understand and apply the ISO 21500 that concerns the quality in projects
  • Use the basic quality control tools in the projects
  • Understand and apply the configuration management process
  • Assess the change requests and their impact on project quality

Fact sheet

Estimated duration

16 hours

Number of participants

Minimum 20 students per class

Target audience

Project managers, project team members, PMO members, others stakeholders interested in the project management process.


Desirable basic project management knowledge.


Portuguese, English and Spanish


Provided by the contractor. Worldwide attendance.

Number of PDU Provided

16 Professional Development Units (PDUs) are the measuring units issued by the Project Management Institute for the credential holders.

Basic program

The quality movement

  • Qualty stories
  • The greatest quality innovators
  • Historical lessons to be applied today
  • Quality on today’s competitive environment

Quality Management Fundamentals

  • What is quality?
  • The benefits of a quality management program
  • The cost of quality
  • The role of the project manager

Quality Planning

  • Quality planning activities
  • “Inputs” and “Outputs”
  • Stakeholder analysis and their quality expectations
  • Quality standards
  • Tools and techniques

Quality Assurance (QA)

  • The role of QA in the management process
  • What a Quality Plan must contain
  • The role of QA on the project’s life cycle
  • Tools and techniques

Quality Control

  • Collecting measurement data
  • Determining the process
  • Controlling the process variables
  • Quality Control Reports
  • Tools and techniques

Change Management

  • The change control process
  • Configuration management related to the project scope
  • Configuration control team

Improvement processes

  • Analysing collected measures
  • Evaluation and metrics
  • Variance
  • Strategies for continuous improvements

Commitment to Quality

  • Leading quality initiatives
  • Quality Management in the new millenium
  • Nurturing a corporation towards quality

ISO 21500

  • Standard concept and approach
  • Application to the projects context
  • ISO 21500 and the PMBOK Guide
  • ISO 21500 and PRINCE2 methodology

Supported standards and methodologies

Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • PMBOK® Guide
  • PMI Practice Standard for Estimating
  • PMI Practice Standard for Configuration Management
  • PMI Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structure
  • PMI Practice Standard for Scheduling