Perspectives 2012

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the perspectives for 2012, continuing the subject of the last podcast (Retrospective 2011). He speaks of the continuing challenges in this new year and the opportunities that are born of them. He suggests two very important issues you should study this new year. Also, Ricardo leaves his New Year message, created especially for those who have experienced great difficulties in their work this year.

Retrospective 2011

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the events of 2011 from the point of view of project management. He said that 2011 was a year when there was a huge demand in Brazil for projects that are happening at the moment and at the same time a very large uncertainty in the world. It has invested heavily in projects around the world in a period of crisis and there is a violent demand for project management, but a great difficulty in the use of best...

The Networking Value in National PM Events (VI Brazilian Congress of Project Management)

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the VI Brazilian Congress of Project Management, he explains that this is the most important event in Brazil because is promoted for all the chapters in Brazil. Ricardo says that the one of the global directors of PMI - Ricardo Triana will attend the event beyond the astronaut Marcos Pontes and other major conferences.

Tribute to Eliyahu Goldratt

In this podcast Ricardo makes a tribute to the Israeli physicist Elliyahu Goldratt. He passed away last Saturday, June 11th, 2001 with 64 years of age. Goldratt was one of the most charismatic and revolutionary thinkers of the organizational work. He created the Theory of Contraints (TOC) and the Critical Chain Project Management and his studies and researches are the working standard of the modern organizations worldwide.

Is it worth it to be a Project Manager? Part 1 of 2

In this podcast, Ricardo reflects on the profession of project management and talks about three links that the project manager needs to build during his career to make the profession worthwhile for him to society and to the company. He comments that the project manager needs to prepare like any other profession and that the path to becoming a great project manager is not simple.

What is Possible to Learn in Risk Management from the Tragedy in Japan

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the earthquake and tsunami occurred in Japan with regards to project risk management. He explains that any given risk has a probability greater than zero and less than 100%. Ricardo mentions that this earthquake was  above any risk evaluation that had been established so far, and cites the atomic power plant in Fukushima as an example, which had very high and strong walls but have been nonetheless destroyed...

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