Analytical Hierarchy Process, Earned Value and other Project Management Themes

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Artigos técnicos de 1999 a 2021 que ajudarão no entendimento da transformação, blockchain e sustentabilidade no contexto de gerenciamento de projetos

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  • edição / 2021
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In 2014 I decided to create a collection of technical articles to share the main ideas and studies I have made on the field and keep track of some of my work’s evolution. Now I am releasing the fourth edition, including 10 new articles I published in 2019 and 2020 during my time at Brightline Initiative.

Time flies, and to remember, one of the classical articles was about the new approach to the PMBOK® Guide. For many new project managers, the article may be perceived as an old article. Still, the article’s concepts were a major driving force to the changes introduced in the third edition of the PMBOK® Guide that now shows the data flow diagram in Chapter 3.

Another topic that I cover in several articles is Earned Value Management, the central issue of my master thesis. I also discuss human resource aspects and the Monte Carlo simulation applied to project management.

A few years ago, I started studying Qualitative Risk Analysis, Sustainability in the project environment (that became the topic of my PhD) and Return over Investment of Project Offices and Analytical Hierarchy Process.

One of the most intriguing articles was about Neural Networks. When I presented it in 2015, nobody thought about what would happen with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The process I introduced using Microsoft Excel and the Palisade Neural Tools is today present in most cloud-based solutions and, for sure, one of the hot topics for the upcoming future.

Several of the most recent articles cover my work at Brightline Initiative in topics related to strategy implementation. Written in partnership with Edivandro Conforto, former Brightline Initiative Head of Strategic Research, they discuss the key elements to be in place to get things done.

I also published three articles on Blockchain in partnership with Don Tapscott, author of Blockchain Revolution and chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute. These articles were featured at Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review.

I hope you enjoy the fourth edition.

Remember that the online version is free and it is available at

For sure, I intend to keep this book updated with new articles in the future.

Enjoy your reading.



  1. Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to Select and Prioritize Projects in a Portfolio
  2. Blockchain is Changing How Companies Can Engage with Customers
  3. Unleashing the Power of Blockchain in the Enterprise
  4. How Blockchain Will Change Construction
  5. Response to the Crisis: Build Perpetual Capabilities
  6. Using Crises as a Catalyst for Transformation
  7. Identifying and Recovering Troubled Projects: How To Rescue Your Project From Its Failure
  8. To Drive Innovation, You must Understand your Ecosystem
  9. Transformation is Personal
  10. Transforming Traditional Business Doesn’t Have to Be an Elusive Goal
  11. Ten Questions to Help You Turn Strategy into Reality
  12. The Innovator’s Mindset: Radical Can-Do
  13. Great Strategies Need Great Delivery: The 10 Principles of Implementation Excellence
  14. Sustainability Indicators to Assess Infrastructure Projects: Sector Disclosure to Interlock the GRI
  15. The Sustainability Marker to Support the Project Selection Process: The Unops Case
  16. Applying Neural Networks and Analogous Estimating to Determine the Project Budget
  17. Modelling Line of Balance Schedules With Start-Finish Relationships
  18. Determining the Mathematical ROI of a Project Management Implementation
  19. Adopting the Quadratic Mean Process to Quantify the Qualitative Risk Analysis
  20. Urgency: A Critical Factor in Project Planning
  21. Avoiding Mistakes during the Team Acquisition: Assign the Right People to Their Right Functions using MBTI©
  22. Using Earned Value Management Indexes as a Team Development Factor and a Compensation Tool
  23. Earned Value Probabilistic Forecasting Using Monte Carlo Simulation
  24. Earned Value Analysis in the Control of Projects: Success or Failure?
  25. A New Approach to PMBOK® GUIDE 2000
  26. Managing an ERP Implementation Project using Basic Software Tools and Web Based Scheduling Control