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Jul 2024

Issue #9 - Even Big and Powerful Companies Kill Projects

It has been a long time since my last newsletter.

Recently, I was overwhelmed with moving homes and an intense workload. Much like my podcast, this newsletter is deeply personal and reflects my core thoughts and identity. 

And during this time, I did not have the “mental time” to stop and write. I am sorry about that.

I am now back in full force with my writing, and I hope this edition provides you with valuable insights.



Nov 2023

Issue #8 - How AI is Disrupting Waterfall and Agile Project Management Models

This time of the year is a perfect time to think about the future, and it is impossible to think about the future without being able to measure what you want to accomplish. In this video, Ricardo explains, in the simplest possible way, the concept of OKRs, or Objectives and Key Results. OKRs are vital to understand and measure what you want to accomplish with your project, your initiatives and even in your personal life.



Aug 2023

Issue #6 - Avoiding Burnout: A Mid-Year Reflection on Balance e Priorities

In this issue, I discuss Mid-Year and the importance of evaluating your journey and preventing burnout. I explain my steps to avoid burnout, including setting realistic expectations, taking breaks, saying no to extra commitments, exercising, and seeking support. Recognizing that burnout is a sign of self-awareness and resilience is necessary. 



Jun 2023

Issue #4 - Top Skills Needed for Project Managers in the Age of AI

In this issue, I discuss the impact of emerging technologies like AI on career paths and the need to adapt to the evolving landscape. I explain the concept of the “hype cycle” in technological innovation and the phases from hype to maturity. People must be willing to learn and unlearn quickly to stay relevant.



May 2023

Issue #3 - Is AI Putting Our Values as a Society at Risk?

In this issue, I explore the profound impact of AI on education and daily life. I remember the contrast between my master's studies in 2001, with library research, and the current instant access to information through search engines. Ethical concerns such as AI-facilitated plagiarism arise, leading to schools banning ChatGPT. 



Mar 2023

Issue #1 – Will AI Drive the Future of Human Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence has recently shifted from being exclusive to tech companies and developers to becoming readily accessible to everyone. New AI engines can quickly analyze vast amounts of data, offering insights in various formats, including text, images, and videos.