Enterprise Risk Management

We help your organization to manage risks and seize evolving opportunities by combining our leading experience in risk and crisis management with the most advanced tools and modeling practices in the marketplace. 

Our team is highly skilled in technical concepts, and we use the state of the art tools and processes for managing risks.

Our work includes the most modern mathematical simulators, machine learning algorithms, adequate data storage, process modeling, and one of the most comprehensive and updated Risk Breakdown Structures (RBS) in the market.

Only those at the forefront of the processes can help your organization create and manage the opportunities and threats generated by a scenario full of uncertainties.

Enterprise risk management implementation

We're able to successfully implement enterprise risk management approach within different industries and sectors by using state-of-the-art mathematical simulation and machine learning algorithms to develop a predictive system to monitor for small inflection points in your industry or the market impact your business.

Only those at the forefront of the processes can help your organization create and manage the opportunities and threats generated by a scenario full of uncertainties.
Rapid prototyping of the risk management approach

  • Scenario planning and environmental scanning
  • Risk thresholds definition
  • Risk triggers
  • Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS) categories definition
  • Risk database development
  • Simulation modeling
  • What-if Analysis
  • Statistical treatment of risks
  • Measuring intangible benefits with Bayesian estimate
  • Modeling of financial reserves
  • Risk performance indicators definition
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act requirements
  • Assisted operation

Quantitative methods and risk simulations

Increase the reliability of the results from your predictions using the ultimate mathematical and statistical simulators for deadlines and budgets.

We are pioneers in the implementation of practices and techniques of risk analysis simulation in projects such as the Monte Carlo simulation, decision tree, sensitivity analysis, and event chain.

  • Risk data modeling
  • Simulation software implementation
  • Data planning and structuring
  • Scenario planning
  • Simulation setup for each scenario
  • Statistical treatment of results
  • Mathematical modeling and estimates of the financial and time reserves

Key issues addressed

  • Crisis and permanent chaos resulting from unknown risks
  • Inadequate estimated financial reserves: excessive or insufficient
  • Low knowledge about the real uncertainties and operational conditions
  • Clear perception of lack of control
  • Unfeasible schedule established for the work to be done
  • Late identification of opportunities
  • Increase of improvisation
  • Late or ineffective decision making
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