Agile and Business Agility

Long-term survival in today’s constantly changing business landscape requires organizations to adapt their strategy and modify their responses quickly and effectively. We help companies find their inner agility with a proven methodology that goes beyond traditional business agility models.

Ricardo Vargas was a pioneer in the realm of business transformation. He knows that the term “transformation” can be applied to many different scenarios beyond the traditional “digital transformation” context. Transformation is, in its essence, a human pursuit that must be undertaken with dual attention to strategic intents and personal growth and development.

We understand there is no “one-size-fits-all" approach to agile transformation.

As a result, we help organizations adopt hybrid models that allow for sustainable growth and full utilization of existing talent. The full benefits of agile transformation can only be realized once you have considered the business context, the urgency of the need for change and the internal workforce profile.

Key issues addressed

  • Lack of focus on business value
  • Inability to accommodate change
  • Slow delivery cycle
  • Lack of customer orientation
  • Low capability to adapt

Agile Project Management

Change your organization’s mindset and operating model with an agile makeover that helps you adapt and respond to a constantly shifting business environment.

True agile practices are based on strong team collaboration that allows organizations to test their challenges and react fast.

We can help you:

  • Build an internal case for agile transformation
  • Establish leader buy-in and commitment
  • Trigger behavioural change among employees
  • Design a Lean-Agile lifecycle and roadmap
  • Apply Scrum Principles to all complex projects
  • Optimize value streams and execution
  • Create retrospective planning and execution

Scaling Agile

Organizations facing increased competition and market disruptions know that to be effective, Agile Transformation must be undertaken in all areas of the business, not just its technology.

Ricardo Vargas is one of the first certified consultants in SAFe® and has helped countless organizations achieve this mature approach to Agile, producing fast, adaptable and innovative solutions that not only respond to disruptive events but lead to ideas that disrupt markets themselves.

We can help with:

  • Organizational assessment against Agile methodologies
  • Scaling Agile using SAFe®
  • Adoption of process adaptability skills
  • Agile workforce design
  • Creating innovation roadmaps
  • Instilling technology readiness
  • Reframing leadership and team culture

Hybrid Models

Our clients have unique needs that cannot be met by any single model of agile transformation. For that reason, we build and implement hybrid models that combine Waterfall and Agile methodologies.

Ricardo Vargas is committed to taking the best parts of each methodology to find a tailored approach. We combine precise scope delivery with daily scrums while helping to create risk registers with Kanban methods.

We will help your organization:

  • Plan coexistence of Waterfall, Agile and Hybrid methodologies
  • Plan Agile sprints and scope definition
  • Utilization of Agile Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Establishment of Scrum Master and Project Manager
  • Improve WOW with Disciplined Agile delivery
  • Iteration planning

Agile PMO

The Agile Project Management Office (PMO) is a critical element in implementing the lean and agile practices essential to your transformation.

We have the experience to set up your Agile PMO so that it drives innovation and improves overall adaptability.

We can assist you with:

  • Idea qualification and value streams
  • Agile PMO team and cross-functional assignments
  • Encouraging internal behavioural change
  • Establishment of collaboration platforms
  • Retrospective process implementation
  • Implementation of Work in Progress (WIP) management strategies
  • Development of communities of practice
  • Agile health checks

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