My Participation at Burning Man Was Much More Than Attending an Event

A new Podcast is on the air and this week Ricardo discusses how our work and personal relationships tend to feed back into our perspective and set of implications. In the last Newsletter he published, Ricardo spoke about an event that was introduced to me by a great friend, Burning Man. Ricardo went to Burning Man this month looking for something “out of the box”.

My Insights About Our First Research of Artificial Intelligence in Project Management - Part 2/2

In this "5 Minutes Podcast" episode, Ricardo discusses topics 6 to 10 of the research on AI in project management. Topic 6 reveals that 25 to 26% of experts see AI as a tool to enhance diversity and reduce bias, while Topic 7 highlights the concerns of 75% regarding AI's ethical implications, particularly in decision-making.

My Insights About Our First Research of Artificial Intelligence in Project Management - Part 1/2

In the "5 Minutes" podcast, Ricardo discusses the AI-driven Project Management Revolution Research he did with Antonio Nieto Rodriguez, covering critical aspects of AI's role in project management. The survey involved nearly 800 experts from 95 countries. The first insight highlights that 75% recognize AI's potential in project management, though Ricardo expected more enthusiasm.

Will We Need Reports, Templates and Analysis of Our Projects in Times of AI?

In this episode of the 5 Minutes Podcast, Ricardo delves into the implications of AI's rapid evolution, particularly about generating reports and analysis. He highlights using AI-generated insights to replace conventional statements and analytical tools. Ricardo envisions a future where sophisticated AI systems, like ChatGPT, are employed for project management and finance analysis, possibly replacing the need for tools like Power BI or Tableau.

Why People Got Surprised When I Shared My Certificate Last Week?

In the newest episode of "Why People Got Surprised When I Shared My Certificate Last Week?" Ricardo shares a surprising experience. After completing an AI certification program often chosen by younger professionals, many people sent positive notes and called him an "inspiration" for project managers. Why does a gesture like that by someone over 50 and with a consolidated career cause so much surprise and impact? Why is it not the opposite?

The Challenge of Building Trust When People Want to Hear Only What They Like

In this episode, Ricardo discusses the dilemma of maintaining trust while conveying truths that may not always be pleasant to hear. He emphasizes the critical role of honesty and transparency in project management, despite the challenges they might bring. Ricardo uses his experience and shares real-life instances where telling hard truths was vital for the ultimate success of a project.

My Golden Rule of 5-80% to Improve The Work with Generative AI

In this episode, Ricardo introduces the 'Golden Rule of 5-80%' concept for enhancing your work with Generative AI. He starts by explaining how the first 5% of the process depends on us - the users, discussing the significance of context, specificity, intent demonstration, and setting the expected format when we craft the prompt or the message to be analyzed by ChatGPT, Bard, Bing or any other tool.

Understanding Minimax Strategy in Project Decisions Under Uncertainty

In this episode, Ricardo discusses the Minimax Strategy, highlighting its role in decision-making under uncertainty. Instead of focusing on the technical aspects of the algorithm, he explores its philosophical underpinnings. He underscores how this approach aids in prioritizing risks that could inflict the most significant loss on a project.

Zombie Projects: Why They Exist and How to Kill Them

In this episode, Ricardo digs into the uncanny world of zombie projects - the projects that refuse to die despite their draining effects on organizational resources. He explores the mystery behind their existence, highlighting factors such as the fear of failure and the misgivings around abandoning sunk costs.

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