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We are celebrating 13 years of 5 Minutes Podcast and the 500 episodes.

The podcast started in 2007 and in 13 years, Ricardo recorded 500 episodes and reached out to more than 10 million views of all episodes.

Watch the animation with some fun facts about the podcast.

Celebrating 500 Podcast Episodes

Interview with Ricardo Vargas celebrating 500 episodes of the 5 Minutes Podcast.

In this interview, Ricardo shares the story of the creation of the podcast, the most relevant episodes, and how they are created and recorded.

A curiosity: Did you know that he never heard an episode? Watch the interview to find out why.

How to Get to the Root of a Problem Using the 5 Whys Technique

In this week's episode, Ricardo explains the 5 Whys technique to help you identify the root cause of an event, a specific risk, or even support your decision-making process. The technique, although simple, has nuances that allow you to be more effective and expand its range of uses beyond what was proposed by its creator, the founder of Toyota in the 1930s.

Accountability: We Have to Live With the Decisions We Make

In this week's episode, Ricardo talks about accountability and the discomfort we face most of the time when making decisions. Having the chance to make decisions are one of the most significant freedom examples we have. However, it comes with a lot of pain because we do not know precisely a decision is correct or not. If we take only the professional lens, we have to make decisions constantly, bringing stress, but we have no other option.

Reflections on the Impact of the Suez Canal Blockage: Reassessing Enterprise Risks

Ricardo tries to see the incident from different perspectives. From the standpoint of Evergreen Marine (ship operator) to the other shipping companies. From the perspective of the Egyptian government to the perspective of countries that rely heavily on global trade. Finally, he discusses your view as someone managing a project that relies on equipment or supplies coming from the other side of the world.

The Ebb and Flow of Ideation and Its Role on Brainstorming

In this week's episode, Ricardo shares a concept he saw in a Design Thinking course he did recently: The Ebb and Flow of Ideation. Dev Patnaik introduces this straightforward and effective concept in the Product Development Best Practices Report. It is centered on the concept that better ideas are interspersed with absurd ones during ideation, and a wild idea is the fuel to generate new brilliant ones.

Leveraging your Product Development Results with the Kano Model

In this week's episode, Ricardo introduces the Kano Model, one of the easiest and more effective ways to prioritize product and service's features based on their potential to satisfy clients. Listen to the episode to learn more about the five patterns or categories created by Noriaki Kano to classify the features and identify those you should focus on developing.

Who Should Make the First Move in a Negotiation: The Anchoring Bias

This week's topic goes back to negotiation and who should make the first offer. Many researchers claim that the Anchoring bias provides an edge to those who make the first offer since the human tendency supports that counter-offers tend to be proposed around the initial starting point. But there is a way around this if you don't make the first offer... Listen to the episode to find out more.

Why Shouldn't You Outsource What You Do not Know How to Do?

This week, Ricardo reflects on companies' benefits and challenges with the visible increase in interest in outsourcing activities, especially concerning outsourced activities due to incapacity and lack of knowledge about work. He ponders the damage that the lack of knowledge, mastery of technology and know-how, can generate in the project's sustainability and its benefits.

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