Perspectives 2012

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the perspectives for 2012, continuing the subject of the last podcast (Retrospective 2011). He speaks of the continuing challenges in this new year and the opportunities that are born of them. He suggests two very important issues you should study this new year. Also, Ricardo leaves his New Year message, created especially for those who have experienced great difficulties in their work this year.

Retrospective 2011

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the events of 2011 from the point of view of project management. He said that 2011 was a year when there was a huge demand in Brazil for projects that are happening at the moment and at the same time a very large uncertainty in the world. It has invested heavily in projects around the world in a period of crisis and there is a violent demand for project management, but a great difficulty in the use of best...

Who's Afraid of Failure Can't Manage Projects

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the fear of failure. He explains that within the project environment we are not in a comfort zone and easy things doesn't need to be managed. Ricardo also said that failure is always part of the process and is also part of the DNA of the project, but who has a fear of failure can not manage projects. Inside the possibility of failure is that we project managers earn our life.

When is the best time to do the Project Kick off Meeting?

In this podcast Ricardo talks about the time that the project kick off meeting should be performed. He explains that as the size of the project, the kick off meeting does not necessarily have to be just one but many. Ricardo shows that we can have a kick off meeting early in the project where the WBS is still wider, and we can have another kick off meeting once the plan is ready.

Management Stages x Technical Stages

In this podcast, Ricardo differentiates technical stages from management stages. He explains that usually we divide our projects in technical stages to prepare the project schedule where we can drive more than one stage simultaneously, whereas, according to Prince2®, the project is divided into stages that can not be conducted simultaneously, where the manager and the board of the project decide at the end of each stage if the project will...

Rethinking the concept of Multitasking and Simultaneous Projects

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the execution of multiple projects simultaneously and using the same resources, ie multitasking. He explains that we often think that sharing resources across multiple projects can generate the perception that work is evolving, but this can cause delays and loss of quality in work. Ricardo suggests that it is better to concentrate efforts on one project at a time than to do all at once.

The Networking Value in National PM Events (VI Brazilian Congress of Project Management)

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the VI Brazilian Congress of Project Management, he explains that this is the most important event in Brazil because is promoted for all the chapters in Brazil. Ricardo says that the one of the global directors of PMI - Ricardo Triana will attend the event beyond the astronaut Marcos Pontes and other major conferences.

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