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My Participation at Burning Man Was Much More Than Attending an Event

A new Podcast is on the air and this week Ricardo discusses how our work and personal relationships tend to feed back into our perspective and set of implications. In the last Newsletter he published, Ricardo spoke about an event that was introduced to me by a great friend, Burning Man. Ricardo went to Burning Man this month looking for something “out of the box”.

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Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Project Management

In June 2023, we embarked on a exciting journey to explore the uncharted territories of Atificial Intelligence within Project Management.

The rapid technological advancements an the transformative potential of AI elevated our curiosity, leading us to conduct a comprehensive survey among experts and practitioners worldwide.

AI can enhance project management through automation of repetitive tasks and anable more efficient scheduling, resource allocation, and risk assessment.


The Challenge of Building Trust When People Want to Hear Only What They Like

In this episode, Ricardo discusses the dilemma of maintaining trust while conveying truths that may not always be pleasant to hear. He emphasizes the critical role of honesty and transparency in project management, despite the challenges they might bring. Ricardo uses his experience and shares real-life instances where telling hard truths was vital for the ultimate success of a project.


Are You Willing and Ready to Embrace AI?

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), project leaders should ask themselves two key questions. First: Are my organization and I willing to adopt AI-inspired tools as part of the ordinary course of doing business, particularly in project management? This question will give you a sense of your organization’s appetite for adopting machine learning (ML)–inspired technology. The second—and, in fact, the more critical question—is: Are my organization and I ready to take this important leap forward? This question will give you a sense of how quickly you can identify and apply AI to projects.


Leading Projects in an AI-Powered World

Technology has begun to transform how organizations deliver projects, and rapid change lies ahead. What role will leaders play when AI is deployed in project management?

While AI is not yet a standard tool in the world of projects and project management, there is no doubt that it will disrupt this discipline, and probably faster than we expect. The prospect of that transformation seems almost incredible: in most organizations the tools used to manage projects remain relatively basic compared to the sophisticated digital technology being deployed in other parts of business. Most projects are still managed with Microsoft Office tools, such as Excel and PowerPoint. Can you imagine running your business and operations with spreadsheets? Well, that reflects how little technology has evolved in project management.


How AI Will Transform Project Management

Only 35% of projects today are completed successfully. One reason for this disappointing rate is the low level of maturity of technologies available for project management. This is about to change. Researchers, startups, and innovating organizations, are beginning to apply AI, machine learning, and other advanced technologies to project management, and by 2030 the field will undergo major shifts. Technology will soon improve project selection and prioritization, monitor progress, speed up reporting, and facilitate testing. Project managers, aided by virtual project assistants, will find their roles more focused on coaching and stakeholder management than on administration and manual tasks. The author show how organizations that want to reap the benefits of project management technologies should begin today by gathering and cleaning project data, preparing their people, and dedicating the resources necessary to drive this transformation.


Learn With Ricardo Vargas How to Choose a New Home Using Multi Criteria Decision and AHP

How many times we were faced with a challenge to decide in our personal life? Follow Ricardo Vargas on a journey to use a mathematical model to select the best house for you to buy. AHP is one of the most reliable tools for you to improve your decision making and apply it on your work and daily life. Created by Thomas Saaty, AHP is considered today the best approach to remove bias and increase your assertiveness in making decisions.


Your Project Inside the Hurricane of the Attention Economy

In this week's podcast, Ricardo addresses the topic “Economy of Attention”. He says that a product is made to meet a market need, and the greater the demand, the higher the price of the product. However, as large amounts of data and actions we must manage make attention an invaluable presentation. There are many things vying for our focus at any given time, including work, employees, social media, and electronics.