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Crisis Management: The Denial Problem

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about crisis management. He explains that the first reaction in crisis management is the denial and that this is the worst option. Ricardo also explains that the crisis is caused by a "trigger" that is triggered by some event that will generate a chain reaction and can cause an uncontrolled situation in the project.


Crisis Management: 5 Good Thinks Came out as Decisions to Remove People from Libya

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the removal of foreign professionals who were in Libya when the political crisis happened. He explained that this was a crisis situation, where changes and variations in the environment are not supported and you have to take an action that is unusual. Ricardo says that this work of removal was extremely successful and gives five tips for managing crises in projects.


How to Do Everything Wrong in a Project: The New Brazilian Power Socket

In this podcast Ricardo talks about the compulsory change in the power socket to the new standard. He aims to analyze what he believes are the main failures in the project with respect to the reasons for the change, including the increase in competitiveness for the Brazilian industry, and the decision process based contrary of what we call global marketplace.


Retrospective of 2009

In this podcast Ricardo makes a retrospective of project management in the world in 2009. He presentes the 5 highlights of the year in project, including Portfolio Management, Crisis Management and the government participation and bailout to projects.


Five Big Trends in Project Management - PM Network Report

In this podcast Ricardo discusses the III Annual PM Network Trend Report, published in June, 2009. He presents the main trends in projects induced by the global crisis and how companies and professionals can benefit themselves from this scenario. The PM Network magazine is distributed to PMI members and they can access the file at member's area of PMI website.


Crisis in Projects

In this podcast, Ricardo Vargas talks about crises in projects. He explains that when the executive team see many projects being cancelled in other companies due to a crisis, they panic and  cancel their projects too, using criteria that may harm the company in the future. Ricardo  also mentions that a crisis in the project is a challenge that the  project manager needs to find the best way to minimize its bad effects. This podcast was...


The Global Financial Crisis

In this podcast, Ricardo Vargas talks about the global financial crisis. He explains that this crisis can be an opportunity for the Brazilians. Ricardo also talks that we need to be optimistic, because even with this crisis, companies need to continue their projects and the Brazilian is accustomed to working in an unstable environment. This podcast was recorded only in Brazilian Portuguese. The link below is for the Brazilian Portuguese version. ...


Crisis Management in Projects

After the air accident happened in Brazil thereabout 15 days ago, Ricardo Vargas talks about crisis management concept, use and process. This podcast was recorded only in Brazilian Portuguese. The link below is for the Brazilian Portuguese version.

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