Using Zoom In and Zoom Out to Master your Leadership Skills

In this week's episode, Ricardo talks about "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" in projects, that is, how different perspectives on a problem can dramatically change our ability to solve it.

Making an analogy with a photo, when we use Zoom in, we can see in more detail a small part of that photo. This Zoom In helps us understand "surgically" when in a crisis scenario. However, in some situations, Zoom In makes us lose context, leaving us overwhelmed with the level of detail.

When we use Zoom Out, we get the big picture, and we get to see the context; we get the Big Picture. However, if we use Zoom Out all the time, we miss a detail, which in many situations is important.

Ricardo suggests that you see the article by Rosabeth Kanter from Harvard Business School about the subject.

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