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Peter Principle of Incompetency

In this week's episode, Ricardo talks about how good people can become incompetent when promoted to positions that require different skills than those that make them stand out. Ricardo gives tips on preparing ourselves not to fall into this trap and grow in organizations with the necessary skills. Listen to the new podcast episode to know more.


Your Example is Your Best Leadership Skill

In this week's episode, Ricardo talks about the relevance of being a role model and an example to foster leadership and improve results. Without being an example of behavior, character, ethics, and determination is impossible for you to lead a team effectively. Listen to the Podcast to know more.


Accountability: We Have to Live With the Decisions We Make

In this week's episode, Ricardo talks about accountability and the discomfort we face most of the time when making decisions. Having the chance to make decisions are one of the most significant freedom examples we have. However, it comes with a lot of pain because we do not know precisely a decision is correct or not. If we take only the professional lens, we have to make decisions constantly, bringing stress, but we have no other option.


More Abstract Work Suffers More from the Dunning-Kruger Effect

This week Ricardo returns to discuss the Dunning-Kruger effect and how it is usually more visible in projects and initiatives with more abstract deliveries and products. It is important to remember that the Dunning-Kruger effect occurs when the professional demonstrates confidence and a sense of competence incompatible with his job's real ability.


Why We Should Care about Psychological Safety

In this episode, Ricardo discusses the connection between our desire for adaptability, creativity, experimentation and innovation with common human feelings like fear and safety. Providing a psychologically safe environment is becoming a critical success factor in surviving and thriving in the current scenario.


Planning the Return to the Office during COVID-19 Times

In this week's episode, Ricardo discusses how you can benefit from planning a potential return to the office during the COVID-19 pandemic. With conditions improving in several countries, and people going back to work, it becomes imperative that we address 3 different fronts in our approach: Leadership, Operational/Tactical, and Business/Liquidity/Sales.


How to Become Optimist if you are Surrounded by Pessimism

In this week's episode, Ricardo talks about being optimistic in a pessimistic work environment. He addresses that one of the leading causes of pessimism is our inability to understand that what we are not able to control much, and this uncertainty is often counterintuitive. This inability to control everything usually generates an ever more distorted and pessimistic view of reality.


Directly from PMI Global Congress 2013 North America in New Orleans

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the PMI Global Congress 2013 which took place in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. He makes a brief summary of his perceptions of the key topics of the event, such as, how the project manager can practice and improve his, or her, leadership and influence skills. Ricardo also talks about the importance of participating in the PMI Global Congress, especially for the great opportunities for learning and networking.

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