AI-Driven Project Management Revolution

A transformative masterclass that will put you at the forefront of AI innovations designed to streamline, enhance, and revolutionize project management.

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Ricardo Vargas and Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez created in 2023 the first Masterclass fully dedicated to Artificial Intelligence in Project Management.

In two dynamic 4-hour sessions, you will deeply engage in interactive group studies and hands-on exercises that will level up your expertise and sharpen your skills in AI-driven project management.

The masterclass is divided into six blocks of knowledge sharing, discussion, and group work.

We'll tackle pressing ethical, cybersecurity, and privacy challenges to enrich your understanding with real-world case studies and insights from industry leaders.

Confidently spearhead AI-driven projects.

The masterclass will give you a robust understanding of AI-driven project management. Starting with the impact of AI on project management, you'll journey through the AI Project Life Cycle, learning about the practical applications of AI tools and techniques.

Join more than 200 participants and step into the future of project management.

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Join Ricardo and Antonio in an open and dynamic AMA (Ask Me Anything) session dedicated to your burning
questions about the masterclass.

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Guest Speakers

On top of the content shared, several notable guest speakers joined the class to share their experience in different areas of AI in Project Management, from software providers to lawyers, from entrepreneurs to experts.

Here is a list of the guest speakers of previous editions.

Pierre Le Mahn

CEO and President, Project Management Institute | LinkedIn

Dr. Gökce E. Phillips

CEO & Co-founder, CryptoIndexSeries | LinkedIn

Mark Esposito, Ph.D.

Professor Hult International Business School | LinkedIn

Lenka Pincot

Chief of Staff to the CEO of PMI | LinkedIn

Caio Lima

Attorney & Professor in Data Ethics and Cyberlaw, Partner VLK Lawyers | LinkedIn

David Garret

PMI Senior Advisor | LinkedIn

Cyril Verbrugghe

CEO & Co-Founder OFFOLIO | LinkedIn

Collin Hammond

Founder and CEO of Scopemaster | LinkedIn

Vicente Silveira

Founder of V2K AI, Former WhatsApp and LinkedIn Executiv | LinkedIn

Terence Tse, Ph.D

Professor at Hult Int'l Bus School. Co-founder & executive director of Nexus FrontierTech. Co-author of The AI Republic. Thinkers50 nominee | LinkedIn

Paul Boudreau

CEO & Co-founder, Stonemeadow Consulting. Professor SKEMA Business School. Founder of Predictor | LinkedIn

Manoel Lemos

Venture Capitalist at Itau Unibanco. Managing Partner at Redpoint eventures. Angel investor | LinkedIn