Implications of Artificial Intelligence in the Performance of Boards

Article published on the IBGC Blog "Implications of Artificial Intelligence in the Performance of Boards" addresses the growing impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on boards and governance bodies.

In it Ricardo discusses the opportunities and challenges brought by AI, including its ability to provide valuable insights and assist in the analysis of complex data.

Issues related to governance, trust, transparency and equity in AI implementation are also addressed. The article promotes a critical reflection on the future of governance in this constantly evolving technological context.

Managing the Human Side of Transformation

Transformations fail because we are failing to transform our people. With the failure rate on digital transformations ranging between 70 to 95%, undeniably we are doing something wrong.

We are honored to have PM Fellow Ricardo Vargas as our guest to tackle this topic. Ricardo maintains that to lead a successful transformation project, it is crucial to manage human behavior and pay attention to the people associated with the transformation. He adds that it is necessary to cultivate a healthy culture and to align culture and strategy.

Interview about AI and ChatGPT to the DrunkenPM

PMI Fellow Ricardo Vargas joins me in this episode of the podcast to talk about Artificial Intelligence, Chat GPT, and the Future of Project Management. During our conversation, I got the chance to dig deeper into some of the ideas raised in his recent HBR article "How AI Will Transform Project Management."

Whether you are working in a traditional organization or one that has adopted agile, the work of managing work is going to go through some pretty intense changes in the coming years. This interview is guaranteed to give you ideas about how to prepare yourself for the future of project management.

PM World Journal Interview

Ricardo's interview about the essential project management abilities needed in the modern workplace and the changes that have taken place in the field since I entered it in the mid-1990s.

He also tries to answer one of the most frequently asked questions: how to manage one's own time better?

Managing Complex Projects for your Hiring Priorities in a Hybrid Workplace

The world of work has been changing in unprecedented ways and leaders all across the world have had to adapt to the changing demands of this VUCA world. But there is always hope for an easier transition when you have the right people standing by your side; the question then arises: How do we find the right people to walk with us as we navigate this continuously challenging work environment?

The Sunday Lunch Project Manager - Part 2/2

Second part of the podcast episode recorded with Niegel Creaser, the host of The Sunday Lunch Project Manager. In the episode, Ricardo talks about Brightline mission and its impact on the project economy.

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