Humans in control

Barely a day goes by without some new claim made on behalf of smart machines. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are already changing our lives. In future they will automate many of our everyday tasks – from driverless cars to shopping drones.

Ten questions to help you turn strategy into reality

Sustainable growth depends on delivering the right strategies the right way. Yet this is something that organisations appear ill-equipped to do. Our work at the Brightline Initiative is examining what causes the gap between strategy and implementation and how it can be closed. Our research suggests that business leaders need to answer ten key questions for their strategies to more effectively make the leap from design to delivery.

The Brightline Initiative extracts the key lessons from Davos 2018

Despite the incredible advances taking place in the world, a growing number of organisations will disappear in the next decade. The reality is that markets now shift in the blink of an eye, yet the underlying factors that cause them to change are often years in the making.

Strategy and delivery: a marriage in trouble?

According to the research, excellence in strategy implementation is way off balance in comparison to strategy design. The gap between them is growing exponentially. Moreover, the harsh truth is that strategy itself shows little value until it is successfully implemented. In a fast-moving business world, where a lot can happen in the blink of an eye, assessing and realigning quickly from strategy design to delivery is what it takes to succeed in the market.

The Brightline Initiative gives life to ideas

When we think that we are wasting $1m every 20 seconds due to the flawed implementation of programmes and projects, it becomes clear that we need to do something to rectify this problem. The short answer is that our society cannot afford to waste this huge amount of resources every year. It is a massive destruction of value, not only in terms of loss of profit for the private sector, but it wastes resources from governments and the not-for-profit sector too.

How to implement your company strategy more effectively

While company strategies can look amazing on paper, they only become useful once they have been fully implemented. Too many organisations are struggling to bridge the gap between design and delivery.

Views from global business leaders on implementing strategies

Implementing successful strategies is key to running a healthy business whether it’s a small local company or large multinational cooperation. But what happens when a company’s strategy seems well thought out and strategic, but ends up not hitting the mark in terms of its specific goals? What went wrong, and how can things be fixed?

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