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In the construction, engineering, and infrastructure sectors, project management is crucial for the efficient and timely completion of projects. Effective project and portfolio management allows businesses to optimize resource use—spanning staff, equipment, and materials—to minimize costs and maximize efficiency. We provide support to your sector in delivering high-quality projects on schedule and within budget, mitigating risks, and enhancing productivity.

Project Success Solutions for Construction, Engineering, and Infrastructure Industries

Ricardo Vargas has helped the building, engineering, and infrastructure industries around the world by giving them expert advice on how to choose, implement, and improve portfolio, program, and project management strategies. This includes many different types of projects, such as buildings, bridges, tunnels, airports, public transportation systems, water supply systems, robots, and automation.

As a specialized project management advising team, we deeply understand all the details involved. We give companies the knowledge and tools they need to make their projects more successful.

Here are a few ways our services can benefit your organization:

  • Quick Wins® Approach: Our Quick Wins® approach to project planning supports the construction, engineering, and infrastructure sectors in efficiently and effectively planning, executing, and concluding projects.
  • Portfolio and Programs: We manage essential activities for selecting, implementing, monitoring, and controlling your organization's portfolio and programs, including defining selection criteria, facilitating communication, monitoring scenarios, and managing budget cycles. Ricardo Vargas has dedicated nearly two decades to refining a mathematical model based on the Analytical Hierarchy Process, enabling us to evaluate projects across a variety of success metrics, from large-scale construction to new marketing initiatives.
  • Change Management: The construction, engineering, and infrastructure industries have seen significant transformations in recent decades. Embracing clean energy has become critical, reflecting growing environmental concerns and the push for reduced emissions. The shift towards prioritizing teams over contracts has fostered increased collaboration. According to the PMI Pulse of the Profession, organizations emphasizing team capabilities see a 72 percent project success rate. Navigating regulatory requirements and embracing innovations are ongoing challenges; we guide your organization in enhancing its change management capabilities, turning change into a strategic advantage.
  • Crisis Planning and Response: ESG considerations are now integral to achieving productive project outcomes, with consumer preferences subtly shifting towards companies that align their actions with ESG principles. In an evolving world, organizations must be antifragile in the face of wars, pandemics, and other sources of uncertainty and instability. Our team is prepared to assist in developing your comprehensive crisis plan.

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What Kind of Support can we provide to you in Engineering, Infrastructure & Construction

Project Management

Quick Wins® for Accelerated Planning

Imagine going from nothing to complete in 3 weeks! Our industry-leading Quick Wins® methodology can be used to structure and execute a project when circumstances do not allow for a normal planning process.

This can provide your organization with a tremendous competitive edge when project completion represents the difference between leading and following industry trends.

Quick Wins® can help guide:

  • Status assessment
  • Team planning and composition
  • First version definition
  • Design and implementation of a communications plan
  • Contingency process implementation
  • Identification of risk triggers
  • Project-specific leadership training and coaching
  • Support through to project operation
Portfolio and Program Governance

Portfolio Selection and Optimization

We can help compare different projects using mathematical modeling and simulations.

In addition, we can help you with:

  • Portfolio maturity assessment and gap analysis
  • Design of portfolio management models
  • Application of the Bayesian estimator to model the intangible benefits of administrative projects or those not directly measurable
  • Comparison criteria definition
  • Budget and financial reserves modeling
  • Creation of portfolio performance indicators
Agile and Business Agility

Hybrid Models

Our clients have unique needs that cannot be met by any single model of agile transformation. For that reason, we build and implement hybrid models that combine Waterfall and Agile methodologies.

Ricardo Vargas is committed to taking the best parts of each methodology to find a tailored approach. We combine precise scope delivery with daily scrums while helping to create risk registers with Kanban methods.

We will help your organization:

  • Plan coexistence of Waterfall, Agile and Hybrid methodologies
  • Plan Agile sprints and scope definition
  • Utilization of Agile Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Establishment of Scrum Master and Project Manager
  • Improve WOW with Disciplined Agile delivery
  • Iteration planning
Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Using the latest mathematical simulations and machine-learning algorithms, we can help your organization develop a predictive system to monitor for the inflection points in your industry – and the opportunities that accompany them – that many of your competitors may overlook.

We can help you deal with:

  • Scenario planning and environmental scanning
  • Risk thresholds definition
  • Risk triggers
  • Risk database development
  • Simulation modeling
  • Bayesian estimates of intangible benefits
  • Modeling of financial reserves
  • Risk performance indicators definition
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act requirements
Project Management

Use of AI and Machine Learning to Leverage Project Performance

Ricardo was a pioneer in the use of Artificial Neural Networks to predict project behaviour. In 2015, he published the paper Applying Neural Networks and Analogous Estimating to Determine the Project Budget. In 2018 he founded with partners PMOtto, the first chatbot to employ machine learning to help manage projects and utilize project management software.

We can leverage machine learning to help your organization with:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Task prediction
  • Project status trend analysis
  • The use of productivity AI assistant
  • Resources allocation to address team experience and knowledge
  • Financial forecasting and market crisis analysis
  • Fraud detection
Crisis Planning and Response

Crisis Planning and Management

We can help your organization respond to both external and internal crisis.

This can include both proactive preparations and contingency plans to minimize damages in the aftermath of a crisis.

Our expertise can assist with:

  • Pre-crisis planning
  • Crisis trigger mapping
  • Crisis room design and implementation
  • Emergency Response teams
  • Impact assessments
  • Critical Response implementation
  • Media and stakeholder communication
Crisis Planning and Response

Project Recovery

Recovering from a project in crisis requires special expertise acquired by living through and working on the front lines of crises.

Ricardo Vargas knows first-hand what steps need to be taken to put an organization back on the path to recover.

These include:

  • Recovery plan development
  • Alternatives assessment
  • Outcomes assessment (addition, absorption, starvation or extinction)
  • Premature project closeout
  • Recovery plan implementation through Quick Wins®
  • Contingency plan implementation

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