Portfolio and Program Governance

Address the critical processes and structure to select, implement, monitor, and control the organization's portfolio, including selection criteria, communication aspects, scenario monitoring, and budgeting cycles.

With over 18 years of working on portfolio management, Ricardo developed a mathematical model using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to compare projects from different areas with different measurements of success.

With this process, your organization can compare, for example, the benefits and ROI of a large construction site with a new market campaign using a unified approach.

Nowadays, more than 30 global companies are using this process to select and manage their portfolio of initiatives.

Portfolio selection and optimization

Compare and select different projects and initiatives using mathematical modeling and simulations.

  • Portfolio management maturity assessment and gaps analysis
  • Design of the portfolio management process model
  • Mathematical modeling of Intangible benefits of the administrative or not directly measurable Projects (Bayesian estimate)
  • Comparison criteria definition
  • Critical information development for potential initiatives and projects
  • Budged and financial reserves modeling
  • Construction of the portfolio performance indicators

Portfolio restructuring

Revisit and re-evaluate your current portfolio after external or internal disruptions.

  • Scenario planning
  • Current portfolio assessment
  • Reprioritization
  • Support on negotiations and change management
  • Assisted operation

Key issues addressed

  • Informality in the portfolio selection process and decision
  • Empirical and informal investment assessment
  • Inability to compare initiatives in different areas
  • Competition between the sponsoring power and the fact-based process
  • Misalignment between organizational strategy and proposals
  • Unnecessary spending on misaligned efforts
  • Use of financial only criteria 
  • Late and ineffective decision making
  • Lack of quick reaction capability
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“The experience of working with Ricardo and his team was excellent. We identify promising opportunities for improvement, and we also developed processes with remarkable consistency for project and portfolio management.”

Andre Araujo Hofmeister

Director, Planning & Business Development

“Ricardo is a distinguished professional, has superior knowledge in project and portfolio management. It is undeniable the quality of the work he delivers. Flexible to adapt his way of work to the client’s style, he accepts the challenges offered and is persistent in the pursuit of results. Furthermore, he is available and present in all development work.”

Shalimar Rahde Linkedin

Strategic Planning and Project Office Manager

“Ricardo Vargas has a passion for doing what he does when it comes to teaching Project Management or simply managing projects according to high standards of PMI. His passion is contagious, and this has been a significant and valuable contribution to the challenging effort of raising standards in project management worldwide.”

Rodolfo De Aguiar Linkedin


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