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Strategic Project Management Solutions for Financial Institutions and Fintech

Ricardo Vargas provides consultancy services for Financial Institutions, Fintech, and Private Equity sectors, specializing in selecting, implementing, and optimizing project and program management solutions for highly complex projects.

Comprising highly skilled specialists with extensive knowledge and experience, our project management consultancy team is dedicated to providing strategic guidance and personalized solutions. We have a proven track record of success in providing project management consultancy to financial institutions, with all our consultancies customizable according to client needs.

Here are a few of the ways our services can benefit your institution:

  • Prioritization: With our unique approach to project finance, we can assist you in prioritizing projects based on their strategic importance and business value. We use mathematical models, multi-criteria decision-making, and other tools to ensure you focus your resources on the most critical initiatives.
  • Risk Management: Our enterprise risk management process is designed to help you identify and mitigate project risks, including financial, regulatory, reputational, and compliance risks, potentially impacting project timelines, budgets, and expected outcomes.
  • Change Management: Financial institutions face constant challenges in meeting various regulatory requirements and adapting to technological innovations. The Gartner Report indicates that CFOs prioritize financial transformation and organizational change, emphasizing cost management and informed decisions on technology and service delivery models. Investing in financial transformation, AI, and autonomous digital projects is essential for organizations aiming to become faster and more efficient. We support your organization in optimizing its change capability and mindset, using change as a competitive advantage.
  • Agile and business agility: The ability to rapidly adapt and respond to changing market conditions, customer needs, and emerging technologies is essential today. This involves making quick and effective decisions, changing direction when necessary, and being flexible and responsive to new opportunities. We assist companies in discovering their innate agility through a proven methodology that goes beyond traditional business agility models.

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What Kind of Support can we provide to you in Financial Institutions, Fintechs and Private Equity

Portfolio and Program Governance

Portfolio Selection and Optimization

We can help compare different projects using mathematical modeling and simulations.

In addition, we can help you with:

  • Portfolio maturity assessment and gap analysis
  • Design of portfolio management models
  • Application of the Bayesian estimator to model the intangible benefits of administrative projects or those not directly measurable
  • Comparison criteria definition
  • Budget and financial reserves modeling
  • Creation of portfolio performance indicators
Agile and Business Agility

Agile Project Management

Change your organization’s mindset and operating model with an agile makeover that helps you adapt and respond to a constantly shifting business environment.

True agile practices are based on strong team collaboration that allows organizations to test their challenges and react fast.

We can help you:

  • Build an internal case for agile transformation
  • Establish leader buy-in and commitment
  • Trigger behavioural change among employees
  • Design a Lean-Agile lifecycle and roadmap
  • Apply Scrum Principles to all complex projects
  • Optimize value streams and execution
  • Create retrospective planning and execution
Project Management

Quick Wins® for Accelerated Planning

Imagine going from nothing to complete in 3 weeks! Our industry-leading Quick Wins® methodology can be used to structure and execute a project when circumstances do not allow for a normal planning process.

This can provide your organization with a tremendous competitive edge when project completion represents the difference between leading and following industry trends.

Quick Wins® can help guide:

  • Status assessment
  • Team planning and composition
  • First version definition
  • Design and implementation of a communications plan
  • Contingency process implementation
  • Identification of risk triggers
  • Project-specific leadership training and coaching
  • Support through to project operation
Change Management

Change Management Consulting

We can support your change management journey, from initial assessment to workforce transformation and readiness for change.

We can help you address:

  • Change readiness assessment and budgeting
  • Identification of change drivers and sponsors
  • Workforce engagement and transformation
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Communications planning
  • Human resource management
  • Promotion of psychological safety
Portfolio and Program Governance

Portfolio Restructuring

We provide you with opportunities to revisit and re-evaluate your current portfolio after either external or internal disruptions.

We can also assist with:

  • Scenario planning
  • Current portfolio assessment
  • Reprioritization
  • Support for negotiations and change management
  • Assistance with all aspect of operation
Crisis Planning and Response

Crisis Planning and Management

We can help your organization respond to both external and internal crisis.

This can include both proactive preparations and contingency plans to minimize damages in the aftermath of a crisis.

Our expertise can assist with:

  • Pre-crisis planning
  • Crisis trigger mapping
  • Crisis room design and implementation
  • Emergency Response teams
  • Impact assessments
  • Critical Response implementation
  • Media and stakeholder communication

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