Sep 2021

Ricardo will be the keynote of GyanLahari 2021, Project Management Institute Pearl City, Hyderabad flagship annual regional conference.

He will talk about How Project Management Enables Changemakers to Drive Social and Organizational Transformation.

The 2-day conference offers real-world insights and non-stop opportunities to network, interact, learn, and upskill with other professionals who are spearheading change, Thinking out of the box, Gaining new perspectives, and drawing inspiration to grow in your careers and be future-ready.


Oct 2021

Ricardo Vargas will be the event's keynote and will talk about focusing on people and teams in a volatile environment.

Throughout Project Management Today 2021, the potential of Project Management in different sectors will be debated, in an event that will be a space for reflection and discussion on trends and the future of this profession.


Nov 2021

Ricardo is the keynote of the event and will discuss the future of the project work and how to manage uncertainty and volatility in an ever-changing world. The presentation will cover future and more fluid project management, a paradigm shift on what stability means, technology, and AI impact on project delivery.

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