Corporate Onsite

We offer customized in-company courses to help your organization overcome its specific challenges in projects and portfolios, agile and business agility, risk management, change, and crisis management.

These courses are delivered exclusively by Ricardo Vargas are available globally solely for companies.

The courses have a basic program that is 100% customizable to your organization's needs.

For more information about customized in-company courses and other enterprise solutions, contact us.

Available courses

Mastering Negotiations

Learn the key competitive and collaborative negotiation techniques internationally used by successful negotiators.

Accelerated Planning Using Quick Wins®

During his career, Ricardo developed a method aiming to recover initiatives and projects that seems to be out of control quickly. The Quick Wins® allows you to mobilize a strong task force to put your project back on track in a record time. 

Delivering Successful Projects

One of Ricardo Vargas's most recognized courses, where he shares the impact of good management to deliver impactful projects. In the course, he shares the concepts around predictive and agile methods, principles, knowledge areas and performance domains. 

Leading Complex Programs and Mega Projects

This course will allow organizations to establish the required processes and governance to lead and implement complex programs and megaprojects in an increasingly volatile and unpredictable environment.

Set Up an Agile PMO

Learn what a PMO is, the differences between the Agile PMO and other types of PMO, and how to implement an Agile PMO in your Organization.

Enterprise Risk Management

Understand why threats and opportunities are part of all projects and that the risks structured perception improves projects’ outcomes.

Leading Disruptive Change

Learn to lead disruptive change and understand the human and organizational factors that drive and block the ability to change.