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Liderança da Alta Gestao em Tempos de Crise

Many people want to change the world, few actually succeed.

Some, imbued with an extraordinary light, are capable of, even more, go to great lengths to bring more prosperity to the lives of others and not just to their own businesses. During crises, economic challenges, or pandemics, they account for a good part of the economically active population's work on the planet and conduct their followers with mastery. 

Ricardo Vargas was one of the collection participants, sharing his professional experience and his work in change and crisis management.

Transforming Beyond the Crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic reminded us how fragile our societies, businesses, and our lives are. It turned things upside down in a matter of weeks. It required governments to provide dramatic emergency support. It forced people to enter self-isolation to protect themselves and others. It pushed organizations to reimagine how they do business and how they would survive.

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AMA Handbook of Project Management

An essential resource presenting state-of-the-art theory and process of project management, The AMA Handbook of Project Management has long been considered the authoritative guide. Managing complex projects can stretch you to the limits. But with a book full of experts coaching you each step of the way, you’ll never be baffled, blocked, or misdirected again.

The Transformation Playbook

The Transformation Playbook is the third in a series of books the Brightline Initiative has produced in partnership with Thinkers50. As with the first two books – [email protected] and The CSO Playbook – we have gathered together insights from an array of practitioners and thinkers. They are a truly global and inspirational mix.

Ricardo Vargas, Edivandro Conforto and Tahirou Assane wrote together a chapter of the book presenting the results conducted by Brightline together with Quartz on Crisis as a catalyst for transformation. 

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Brightline Transformation Framework

The key to a successful transformation is building a movement that aligns inside-out and outside-in approaches. 

A transformation shaped by the Brightline Transformation Compass is led by committed senior leaders inside your organisation and authored and driven by large numbers of your own employees – the management and front-line team members who have a stake in your success. 

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The Chief Strategy Officer Playbook

In today’s dynamic business environment, creating and implementing great strategies requires talent, resources and the right practices and tools. The Chief Strategy Officer Playbook is the second book published from a partnership between the Brightline™ Initiative and Thinkers50

Ricardo Vargas and Edivandro Conforto wrote together a chapter of the book presenting ten questions to help you turn strategy into reality. The article is based on Brightline Guiding Principles.

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Strategy at Work: From design to delivery

A book with the very best thinking and insights in the field of strategy and beyond.

A unique partnership between the Brightline™ Initiative and Thinkers50 has created "Strategy at Work". It showcases some of the very best thinkers in the field of strategy and beyond. Ricardo Vargas and Edivandro Conforto wrote together a chapter of the book explaining the Brightline Guiding Principles for connecting strategy delivery with strategy design.

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Gower Handbook of Programme Management

In the ten years since this Gower Handbook was first published, Programme Management has been transformed to become the vehicle of choice for realising the objectives of large scale, complicated, business, government and social investment.

The Second Edition of this Gower Handbook is a completely new text; designed as a definitive guide to the current state of Programme Management.

Gestão e Modelagem de Projetos para Engenheiros e Arquitetos

Project Management and Modeling for Engineers and Architects ”highlights the main aspects of management that must be observed in engineering and architecture projects.

Ricardo Vargas was responsible for chapter 18 of the book, where he addressed mathematical models for calculating the return on investment in project management.

Book only available in Brazilian Portuguese.

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