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How AI Will Transform Project Management: Reflections One Year Later

Join Ricardo Vargas and Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez in a free-flow conversation about their breakthrough Harvard Business Review article "How AI Will Transform Project Management," published one year ago. In the conversation, Antonio and Ricardo will discuss trends, new technologies, and challenges project managers and organizations face to transform our work with technology.


New HBR Article: The Intersection of AI, Sustainability and Project Management

Join Ricardo Vargas and Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez in an exclusive webinar about their new Harvard Business Review Article: The Opportunities at the Intersection of AI, Sustainability, and Project Management. There are unprecedented opportunities at the intersection of AI, project management, and sustainability.


Project Management, AI, and Sustainability: Is This the New Triple Constraint?

In this episode, Ricardo discusses the broader context of AI in sustainability. While environmental sustainability is often the focus, Ricardo emphasizes the importance of social, environmental, and economic sustainability. He draws an analogy with the project management triangle (scope, time, cost) and introduces the "three C's": complexity, cost, and carbon.


Marketing is killing ESG. Here’s how we can save it.

Businesses are scrambling to signal compliance with ESG (environmental, social, and governance principles). However, as ESG entrenched itself in the mainstream, it lost much of its original meaning and impact and became more of a marketing tool. Ricardo Vargas writes that the problem may lie in the decoupling of the ‘social’ and ‘governance’ components from ‘environmental’ concerns. He uses the example of a project to rebuild homes in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake to show how all three ESG components can work together. 


The Unlimited Applications of Project Management in Agribusiness

In this week's episode, Ricardo talks about Project Management in Agribusiness. He explains how we can apply project management in this segment, which is so different for many of us. Ricardo comments that agribusiness is transforming as powerful as the technology area, using digitalization, georeferencing e technology, and project to select crops that will be used in this area.


Sustainability Indicators to Assess Infrastructure Projects: Sector Disclosure to Interlock With the Global Reporting Initiative

Infrastructure projects have great potential to impact the sustainability of cities due to typically being large-sized projects and having a high level of intervention. Thus, evaluating the sustainability of these projects through sustainability reports is highly relevant, mainly regarding their impacts on the environment, public health, and the local economy.


Inside Triple-E: The World's Largest Ship

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about his visit to the world's largest ship, the Danish Triple-E, anchored in the Copenhagen harbour this month. The ship was manufactured in South Korea and had several technological solutions of a sustainable design. The "E" stands for "Economic of Scale", "Energy Efficiency" and "Environmental Performance". Learn more about the ship at


Maersk Triple-E: Visiting the World's Largest Ship for Containers

Ricardo takes a quick tour of some parts of the Maersk Triple-E: The Largest Ship to carry containers in the World (2013). The visit took place at the port of Copenhagen, Denmark. Triple E ships belong to a category of super ships for the transport of containers, with a capacity to transport more than 18,000 containers (18,000 TEU). The name "Triple E" is derived from the principles that guided its design:


Project Environmental Management

The area of knowledge in the project environmental management includes the internal and external processes and the consequent activities of these processes that are necessary for the project to have the least possible impact on the environment where it will be developed. In this way, the concept of environmental sustainability is the focus of this management, in which all other areas of project management will be transversally affected. This article is only available in Portuguese.

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