Crisis Planning and Response

From market disruptions to natural disasters, emergencies can threaten a company’s very existence by tarnishing its reputation, upending its finances and harming its employees.

We’re all susceptible to a crisis. Business organizations, governments and individuals – we must all plan ahead and be prepared to react to whatever may come our way.

Ricardo Vargas, who has been on the front line of crisis response in post-conflict regions, has the expertise to help you design your crisis plan.

From large-scale energy generation projects to emergency responses to natural disasters, he knows what it takes to prepare for the worst.

Key issues addressed

  • Financial, structural and human losses
  • Imminent threat to corporate existence
  • Chaos
  • Irrational thinking
  • Late or ineffective decision making

Crisis Planning and Management

We can help your organization respond to both external and internal crisis.

This can include both proactive preparations and contingency plans to minimize damages in the aftermath of a crisis.

Our expertise can assist with:

  • Pre-crisis planning
  • Crisis trigger mapping
  • Crisis room design and implementation
  • Emergency Response teams
  • Impact assessments
  • Critical Response implementation
  • Media and stakeholder communication

Project Recovery

Recovering from a project in crisis requires special expertise acquired by living through and working on the front lines of crises.

Ricardo Vargas knows first-hand what steps need to be taken to put an organization back on the path to recover.

These include:

  • Recovery plan development
  • Alternatives assessment
  • Outcomes assessment (addition, absorption, starvation or extinction)
  • Premature project closeout
  • Recovery plan implementation through Quick Wins®
  • Contingency plan implementation

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