Empowering industries with tailored project management solutions, we drive growth and innovation across diverse sectors, unlocking unparalleled value and opportunities.

At Macrosolutions, we specialize in providing bespoke project management consulting services that empower a wide range of industries, from aerospace and air transport to technology, media, and telecommunications.

Our expertise enables us to identify unique opportunities for growth, innovation, and value creation across diverse sectors. By collaborating closely with our clients, we develop tailored strategies and solutions that drive success and benefits realization, enhancing competitiveness in today's dynamic global market.

Let us be your partner in unlocking the full potential of your business as we navigate complex challenges and turn them into opportunities for positive change and sustainable growth.

Our Industries

Engineering, Infrastructure and Construction

Increase Project Value by Prioritizing Your Portfolio and Monitoring KPIs

In the construction, engineering, and infrastructure sectors, project management is crucial for the efficient and timely completion of projects. Effective project and portfolio management allows businesses to optimize resource use—spanning staff, equipment, and materials—to minimize costs and maximize efficiency. We provide support to your sector in delivering high-quality projects on schedule and within budget, mitigating risks, and enhancing productivity.

Financial Institutions, Fintechs and Private Equity

Ensure Results, Prioritizing the Portfolio and Deliver More Value

Managing projects in the complex sectors of financial institutions, fintech, and private equity can be challenging and time-consuming. Our comprehensive project and portfolio management services are designed to support institutions like yours with experienced project managers who understand the unique challenges of investing in IT solutions, transformation, M&A, and specific funds for real estate, acquisitions, and other ventures.

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