Help a fictitious company to manage its projects portfolio and understand in practice the decision-making models to select the appropriate projects for the achieving the strategic business objectives. 

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PMRank® is an innovative workshop with a hands-on approach on how to better select projects for your organization's portfolio. The participants use case studies, a set of varied criteria, and decision-making models such as the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), to get a proper understanding of how to decide the right mix of projects to be undertaken.

The methodological basis for all the PMRank's work can be found on the Standard of Portfolio Management published by the Project Management Institute and on the Management of Portfolios (MoP) published by the UK Office of Government Commerce (OGC).

No experience required

PMRank® is designed for executives, strategic planning teams, investment planning teams, project managers, and other stakeholders involved in the selection of portfolio investments/projects.

The workshop does not require experience in projects or in portfolio management. All knowledge necessary for comprehension and participation in the workshop will be presented during the training.

How it works

During a one-day seminar, the participants are grouped into teams to support Tiger Screws, a fictitious screw and connector’s factory with global operations. Each team will seek the improvement of the market company position and they must do so through the elaboration of a different strategic objective.

Team analysing the projects' data sheet
Team analysing the projects' data sheet
Team analysing the projects' data sheet

Upon receipt of the strategic map and its direction for the next two years, the participants will define and choose which set of criteria best represent the required strategic direction, in order to do so, they will compare and prioritize the criteria that will be applied to all potential projects.

Multi-criteria decision models

At this stage of the workshop, the multi-criteria decision models are presented and applied to the planned tasks. To ensure the process comprehension, the participants will make all the calculations of the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) using only one datasheet of paper and a basic calculator.

Then, the criteria are applied to the potential projects to create their ranking and direct the process of choosing a portfolio. Because each team is told to use a specific direction, the ranking of each will be different, allowing discussion of the different results between the groups.

At the end of the project's ranking, "force-in/force-out" directions, resource and budget constraints are presented and the portfolio is balanced.

Finally, the portfolio is monitored, controlled, and adjusted based on market information, project results, and new directions in order to ensure the continuous alignment between the portfolio and the business need (business justification).

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