As a global expert in project management and strategy implementation, Ricardo Vargas is in constant demand as a keynote speaker. To date, he has delivered 250 keynote addresses in more than 40 countries.

A Global Expert in High Demand

Ricardo Vargas is one of the world’s leading experts in artificial intelligence applied to project management, capital project management, product development and crisis management. He brings this expertise to many workshops, corporate seminars, industry conferences and events hosted by academic institutions worldwide.

Ricardo has a unique ability to explain even the most complex projects by drawing clear and concise lines between practical knowledge and impactful results. With his natural warmth and charm, Ricardo explains advanced concepts in a way that can engage both experts and laypeople.

    Since 2007, Ricardo has hosted (in English and Portuguese) the 5 Minutes Podcast,one of the world’s most subscribed podcasts on project management. He is also the author of 16 books that have sold more than a half-million copies worldwide.

      Subject Matter Expertise

      Over the course of a long and varied career, Ricardo has amassed an extraordinarily broad subject matter expertise which has allowed him to be fluent on many different issues.

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      Artificial Intelligence

      • Impact of AI in the future of work
      • AI and Project Management Office
      • The Future of Projects with AI
      • How AI Will Transform Project Management


      • Leadership in the face of instability
      • Building highly effective teams
      • Culture and Diversity
      • Leading in – and learning from – crises

      Agile and Business Agility

      • How to deliver results in a VUCA environment
      • Human-Centric transformation

      Change and Crisis Management

      • Managing instability and uncertainty
      • Driving change: from hearts to minds

      Project Management

      • Managing projects in a transformation
      • Project management in the 4th Industrial Revolution
      • The Project Economy
      • New trends in project delivery
      • The impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Project Economy

      Careers in Project Management and Transformation

      • How to anticipate the Future of Work
      • Establishing a career in Project Management
      • Decoding the cultural context of global projects

      Since 2023, Ricardo Vargas has significantly reduced his travel commitments and is not accepting any invitations for pro-bono talks and events due to his workload. He continues promoting project management in several pro-bono activities on his YouTube channel, and the Ricardo Vargas Online School.


      “Ricardo Viana Vargas is a brilliant author, advocate, and pioneer in project economics. He was the first Latin American to be elected Chairman of the Project Management Institute.”

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      “...e. He leads many global and strategic initiatives, such as to Brightline Initiative between The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Project Management Institute Mr. Vargas is well known and was recognized internationally for his contributions in the field of project management as he is the recipient of the PMI Distinguished Contribution Award (DIST) and PMI Product of the Year Award in 2005, Brazilian Project Management Personality of the Decade. Microsoft rewarded Vargas for Most Valuable Professional for his work with the Microsoft Project. He participated in the Global Project Management Forum (GPMF), one of the largest events in the world of project management organized by PMI KSA. His contributions were phenomenal in terms of reach and impact on the prestigious audience. Mr. Vargas spares no effort to support the profession of project management and its professionals while he volunteers his valuable time to elevate the knowledge and share it with all. Despite his wealth of knowledge and celebrity status in the field, he remains humble, supportive, and willing always to help in efforts to build a better future I value Mr. Vargas as a friend, colleague and I’m truly inspired by the impact he made throughout his career ”

      Badr Burshaid Linkedin

      Saudi Aramco - PMI Saudi Arabia

      “I have crossed ways with Ricardo many times during PMI Leadership Conferences and Global Congresses. I found him a knowledgeable, pleasant and a wise gentleman. His knowledge and experience in the fields of organizational and project management make him an obvious choice for any challenging multi-cultural assignment, for which he is highly recommended.”

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      Senior Trainer OPM - CONSAK Inc.