Regaining Control: Leading Projects and Delivering in Turbulent Times

Whether you are managing a project to bring people back into full participation in the economy following a pandemic, or you are merely overseeing the deployment of a new information technology solution, you will need leaders who can demonstrate the necessary compassion and empathy to cultivate confidence. In their new book, Ricardo Vargas and Vince Molinaro discuss how to regain control over our projects through a new leadership contract.

Study of the Use of Earned Value Analysis in Projects in National Heavy Civil Construction (Master's dissertation Ricardo)

Master's dissertation presented to the Post-Graduation Course in Production Engineering at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. The dissertation was written in Brazilian Portuguese. Summary … The objective of this dissertation is to carry out a study of the Earned value analysis tool in projects and its applicability in national heavy construction.

Urgency: A Critical Factor in Project Planning

This article aims to discuss the costs and benefits of speed in developing a project plan and proposes a basic process that consists of 10 steps to plan and 10 steps to track a project in a short time. The process aims to simplify and prioritize critical documents to be developed in order to ensure the purpose, scope, deadlines and budgets, as well as direct restrictions of the project to be developed.

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