Study of the Use of Earned Value Analysis in Projects in National Heavy Civil Construction (Master's dissertation Ricardo)

Master's dissertation presented to the Post-Graduation Course in Production Engineering at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. The dissertation was written in Brazilian Portuguese.


The objective of this dissertation is to carry out a study of the Earned value analysis tool in projects and its applicability in national heavy construction. In this dissertation, the added value analysis is presented, evaluated and discussed, under different applicability approaches, with its results validated and questioned as an option in the evaluation of project performance, in order to identify the factors that generate success and their potential obstacles. as for adoption, with the objective of suggesting characteristics of projects in which the use of added value is favored or made impossible.
The use of cost and time performance indices will also be analyzed, composing several formulas for projecting costs and deadlines for the project, presenting the main studies in the area on the best composition and projection of final project costs. Finally, through a case study, the potential success factors and obstacles encountered when employed in the management of works in the area of ​​heavy construction in the country will be presented.

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