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“I am blessed to learn the practical application of mastering negotiations from this course. I will not get tired of listening to your sharing and really processing every single bit of what you shared powerfully. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world and the amazing experiences in life where these concepts are applied. Back in 2018, I was just watching your YouTube video on PMBOK 6th edition.”

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“... Now, I am following your 5 minutes podcasts and yes, loving your courses here in your Ricardo Vargas Online School. Gracias!”

Josephine Turner Linkedin

CEO - ACT International Consulting, LLC

“These classes are clear and right on point to who wants to learn or remember how to deal with risks in project management. Ricardo is an iconic teacher and always has good insights.”

Ricardo Santos Linkedin

Project Manager

“This course is informative, well structured and valuable.”

Joseph Iro Linkedin

CEO - Iroclear Solutions

“Hi Ricardo, this video is producing value by way of systems thinking for all the stakeholders interested in the PMBOK 7. Thanks to you, Ricardo.”

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Posted at YouTube for PMBOK 7th Edition

“This course is simple, objective, and clear. Though the course is introductory, it is comprehensive on the topic, which is finally completed by the podcasts. It's a good point to start!”

Jonathan Tenório de Lima Linkedin

Project Manager

“Ricardo's passion for project management and the manner he explains the content material is phenomenal. I admire the manner in which he effortlessly engages his audience while breaking down complex topics.”

Julian Thomas

Accompter - VP, Product Management

“Excellent and concise take on the topic. I just discovered Ricardo, and I will say "He's doing an excellent job of teaching people this concept".”

Ademola ASAMU Linkedin

The Selected Projects Limited - MD/CEO

“Important information to understand the basics of risk management. So it becomes possible to apply in a wide variety of areas of knowledge such as engineering, medicine or investments. Even for personal purposes, you can apply this knowledge. The classes are very illustrative, with figures and comparisons in real life.”

Diogo Vargas Linkedin

Engenineer - CGT Eletrosul

“I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Vargas for his passionate and extremely professional way of providing knowledge. I found this course very useful for my new adventure in project management. Thank you!”

Olga Lavrentjeva

Project Manager

“The content and explanation are very clear. The concepts are nailed. Highly recommended to follow Mr Ricardo Vargas in case you want to build a career in project management”

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Project Manager

“I liked how each process was broken down into chapters, then further into bite-sized topics that you could stop & review and re-watch. There are no hand-outs, so you do have to take notes. The assessment quizzes are relevant and challenging - and can be taken as many times as you want, just in case you didn't score the percentage that you wanted. This was a great review for me for writing my upcoming PMP exam in a few weeks. Thanks”

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Brenda Irwin Linkedin

Horticulturist - Crabby Gardener

“I appreciate this useful course. It gives us a great view of Risk identification and pushes us to develop our learning desire on the topic.”


Social Lab for Development - CEO

“Perfect! Thanks!”

Carlos Nascimento Linkedin

Project Manager - Santa Joana Group

“This modality of short-term distance learning and short videos allows the student to resume the content without great loss of knowledge. Very good!!!”

Jonatha Chevalier Neves Linkedin

Project and Process Supervisor - APAS Paulista Association of Supermarkets

“Many Thanks, Ricardo Vargas! Excellent Video with very clear explanations with graphical illustrations. Thanks for giving the essence of the underlying principles of PMBOK 7th and also explaining how the 7th edition is NOT replacing or contradicting previous standards/principles. I really liked your key message that whatever may be your method, delivering value is the key.”

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“... It is also great to see that PMI has put lots of effort to make the 7th edition appealing and befitting for the emerging PM trends/methods across the globe.”

Sairam Kuppusamy

PMBOK 7th Edition - Youtube

“The course clearly presents the main points to be considered in Risk Identification.”

Leonardo Amaral Scavoni Linkedin

Project Analyst - Unisinos

“Great way to explain what project management is.”

Guillermo Quesada

Managing Director - Summit X

“Ricardo Vargas brought his rich practical experience into this course and made the topics very understandable that you can even feel and visualize the activities. I enjoyed every bit the course and will subscribe to the other courses.”

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“... ”

Nkemdilim Sylvanus Ejim

Project/Program Manager - Dilprojects

“This course, despite being quick, gave me a very clear vision of how to identify and write down the risks using the Swiss Army knife for each of the situations.”

João Victor Santos Cordeiro Linkedin

Analist - MRV

“I am so delighted to have this crash course from Ricardo. I liked it.”

Sheik Shabiulla Linkedin

Consultant - CMCS

“This course is worth more than gold! This is the best online course in Project Management that I have attended. Very structured, well planned, with full of wisdom shared. Thank you for creating an excellent course. May God bless you with abundance and great life.”

Akbar Ali Abdul Razak Linkedin

Principal Consultant - Accelerated Learning Consultancy