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Roberto Gattoni

Project Manager

Fiat Automóveis – Belo Horizonte, Brasil Linkedin "I´ve known Ricardo Viana Vargas on 1996, and he was a very smart, energized and enthusiastic guy, trying to succeed on a matter called ‘Project Management’. At this age, some people talked a lot of this, some of them said they were doing, but the big majority of all (included myself) didn´t have a clear idea on what this could really mean. Ricardo, on a bright self-made career as a project manager, teacher, lecturer and business consultant, built a world class brand associating his name to the project manager discipline. Nowadays, professional project managers all around the world, that is anyone that seriously works with project management, knows the name of this sympathetic, talented, strongly committed to leveraging business results, included huge global companies. He is, truly, a effective reference on this matter. For me, besides this, he´s still the same simple guy that I´ve known on a very long time. I´m very proud to see how a man, overcoming himself and starting from the early beginning, can built a brand new path for him and for all of us. Thank you, Ricardo. Thank you, old friend. And go ahead!…

Sergio Moschioni

Project Coordinator

Curitiba, Brazil "Ricardo is one of the references that I have in project management. Besides being a professional with great experience and technical knowledge he is characterized by personal generosity unmatched when it comes to helping people, regardless of the closeness that they have it."

Kathleen Romero

Richmond, USA Linkedin "Ricardo is a highly skilled professional and leader who is able to inspire, motivate, and direct teams to accomplish great things. As the Chair of PMI he led a culturally diverse Board and organization with vision, insight, and enthusiasm. He is a highly-regarded leader in the project management community, and a lot of fun to work with even in the most challenging and serious discussions. He possesses all the hard skills that one would expect and excells at the soft skills that set him apart from the masses."

Philip Diab

Pennsylvania, USA Linkedin "Ricardo and I served on the PMI Board of Directors together for 2 years. After his first year on the board, Ricardo was entrusted with the position of Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee. Ricardo was able to impress everyone with this ability to lead this team and facilitate some difficult discussions. He not only exhibited a great deal of intelligence, but also integrity and honesty. His work in this position helped provide an excellent foundation for him to serve as PMI Chairman in 2009. Ricardo is a personable and genuine person. He is both a valued friend and colleague."

Suhail Iqbal

Islamabad, Paquistão Linkedin "Crossed ways with Ricardo many times during PMI Leadership Conferences and Global Congresses. I found him as a knowledgeable, pleasant and a wise gentleman. His knowledge and experience in the fields of organizational and project management makes him an obvious choice for any challenging multi-cultural assignment, for which he is highy recommended."

Suhail Iqbal

Islamabad, Paquistan Linkedin "Ricardo is a person that has a lot of energy. I know him as Component Mentor for Latin America and his contributions in that role are numerous. Being a practitioner, trainer and an author he is well-known in PM circles and has risen to well-deserved positions at PMI and his personal life. I wish him all the luck."

Leandro Patah

Siemens – São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo is one of the best trainers on Project Management working in Brazil nowadays. He has done at least two trainings per year for Siemens Brazil in the last 5 years and his approval by the participants is always 100%. I’m sure he is the responsible for our great success in achieving the number of 170 PMPs certified in our group in Brazil. I can finally say that his training worth how much it costs."

Vadim Bogdanov

Russia Linkedin "I become a fan of Ricardo’s “5 minutes PM Podcast” and was lucky to meet him at one of PM events. After that Ricardo took part in several of on-line Project Management conferences I organized for Russian audience. Ricardo is a great speaker. He is also a great Project Management thinker. This rare combination makes his podcasts and sessions outstanding, a piece of PM art."

Gil Marder

Philadelphia, EUA Linkedin "Ricardo Vargas is a great strategic leader. Along with polished professionalism, quality and depth of character and high intelligence, Ricardo’s passion for project management, leadership and strategic thinking principles moves people individually and in groups to new levels of understanding. Truly, Ricardo has done much to advance the project management profession throughout the world. Knowing and working with Ricardo before, during and since he was the Chair of the PMI Board of Directors has been an honor that I have and expect to continue to learn from for years to come."

Virgilio Fiorense

Convergys – São Paulo Linkedin "I met Ricardo in a PMI training when I was working for Convergys. He is very charismatic and he knows everything about project management. So it was a great training but even better it was to get his sponsorship to my idea to write a book about value added services, OSS and BSS, on Telecom industry. I´m very grateful for all his support and I would like to thank him with this recommendation.”"

Alessandro Menezes

Miami Linkedin "I have met Ricardo while working as Product Manager Latin America for Hamburg Sud based out of Miami, FL. Ricardo has simply another level of knowledge about his job. He is an inspiration to anyone that want to succeed in business as is always looking for top qualification skills to bring the most benefits for his clients! I highly recommend Ricardo Viana as one of the best project management professionals in the world."

Joaquim Luiz Vianna

MRS Logística – Juiz de Fora, Brazil Linkedin "Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity Ricardo is a great professional who is very good at dealing with people. An innate communicator, he achieves high standard results with his influential capacity and wide knowledge of various subjects. It’s truly inspiring to work by his side due to his peculiar way of doing business. He is always up to date and determined in his pursuit to obtain knowledge."