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“Excellent didactics. Clear and objective classes. Great support material. Congratulations to those responsible!! It exceeded expectations and increased my interest in Project Management.”

André Nascimento Secchim

Civil engineer

“I really liked this course because it is very clear, easy to understand and fast.”

Graziella Gonçalves

Project Manager - COPEL

“Well structured, simplistic but detailed enough to retain information.”

Craig Stedman

Project Manager

“I love the practical approach in sharing the concepts with real life situations. The resource materials available for download are truly valuable! I highly recommend this course to anyone interested.”

Josephine Turner Linkedin

ACT International Consulting, LLC - CEO

“Excellent course, a lot of knowledge and fluency on the part of the Instructor.”

Elvis Riveros Linkedin

Project Manager - Freelancer

“Excellent topic and the delivery of all the topics are excellent and very clear to understand.”

Engr. Jonathan D. Brazil, PME Linkedin

Project Management / Mechanical I Piping Superintendent - Fluor

“Well presented content. Just gave me an appetite to do the full risk management plan.”

Simon Makwala Linkedin

Matd Pty Ltd - Project Manager - Matd Pty Ltd

“Excellent experience with this course. Super clear, precise, and allows you to understand the process flow and have a better overview and how the process groups are interconnected. Thanks, Ricardo.”

Gladys Cecilia Peña Linkedin

Project Manager - Prosegur

“I promise that I will share whatever I've learned from this online school made by Mr. Ricardo Vargas. This topic made me clear and understand the importance and guidance of PMBOK® 6th edition. Really appreciate the unselfish and untiring effort made by Mr. Ricardo Vargas. Thank you very much!!!”

Engr Jonathan D. Brazil, PME Linkedin

Project Management - Mechanical I Piping Superintendent - Fluor

“I liked how AHP can be used for multiple applications, such as risk mgmt, conflict mgmt & even your everyday life. The math is terrifying, but Ricardo broke it down so that it was easily understood. I can see me using this AHP concept. Thanks!”

Brenda Irwin Linkedin

Horticulturist - Crabby Gardener

“Well done Ricardo, you're the best. I appreciate your hard work, your passion, and your talent to transmit your precious knowledge. Συγχαρητήρια! - (Parabéns!) Congratulations!”

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Dimitrios Gkouvatsos Linkedin

Architrect - PMP - Gouvatsos LTD

“It is a very useful course for understanding the intent of PMBOK seventh edition. Thank you Ricardo, for creating this course is a great investment.”

Juan Carlos Espejo Linkedin

Engineering Supervisor - Resemin

“A substantive, thorough, didactic cover of the new PMBOK 7 and a tool to learn, relearn and clarify the challenge of this uplift performed by PMI from previous editions.Suitable for experienced and unexperienced project managers and change makers. Loved it. Thank you Ricardo!”

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Isabelina Jorge

President - PMI Portugal

“Instructor Ricardo Vargas has excellent didactics, and he makes it easier to hold our attention to the course content.”

Juliana Santiago

Clinical Research Associate - WorldWide Clinical Research

“Excellent summarized overview of Risk identification techniques.”

Faisal Imran

Project Manager