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Florence Magri

São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo Vargas is an outstanding professional. I have a profound admiration for his career and I’m very proud to be invited to write this recommendation. He is a very well-prepared, skilled, high energy professional with a deep knowledge in Project Management. His interests include many different areas involved in his experiences as a project manager, leader and mentor. I was his student in many courses involving PMI knowledge and the best thing we have learned from Ricardo is his way of taking care of business keeping constantly attention in his partners, colleagues being a leader and a great person. Ricardo is one of the persons I have as reference."

Alessandro Menezes

Europe, US, Regional, Florida, USA Linkedin "I have met Ricardo personally in Miami, FL. Ricardo has simply another level of knowledge about his job! He is an inspiration to anyone that want to succeed in business as is always looking for top qualification to bring the most benefits for his clients!! I highly recommend Ricardo Viana as one of the best project management professionals in the world."

Adler Victor Teixeira

Belo Horizonte, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo is a real pioneer in the Project Management world. He is creative and enthusiastic person, dedicated to innovative projects. There are many professors and instructors. Ricardo is a master."

Alcides Santopietro Jr

Montreal, Canadá Linkedin "Ricardo is a very active and successful professional. With a continuous entrepreneur attitude and strong leadership skills, he has been acting in the project management field for over 10 years and certainly this experience is being reflected positively in his current position as member of PMI board."

Alexandre Travassos – Professor

Brasília, Brazil Linkedin "I knew Ricardo through his first book in 1998. I was instructor of Microsoft Project and it needed to give a 80 hours course about projects management. In that time we didn’t much reference on the subject here in Brazil, because of this I sent an email for him who gave me many hints and support. Through his knew PMI and turned me projects manager. I believe that as many see Ricardo as the professional reference, like the model that should follow. More than a model, an icon Ricardo is a happy person, brilliant and humble, that on each lecture presented gives an idea on how to be professional."

Aloysio Vianna

ESI International – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo and I had a nice experience working for ESI International. At starting, both were hired at the very same selection process. Further we were sent to auditing different courses in US, acting as trainers for Brazilian instructors. Ricardo always amazes me by his dynamic and original approaches. He is an outstanding guy who devotes 24/7 to his work and 365/24 to his family."

Carlos Augusto Freitas

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo has great skills of communication and leadership promoting the project management for Brazil and other countries around the world. The support and incentive for CAPM® credential in Brazil helped many members of a team’s project management in different areas in our country."

Elton Melo

Santander Global Projects - International DMA / DSA to BM&F-Bovespa - FIX Protocol

Santander – Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo Vargas’ 5 Minutes PM Podcast is a great initiative. He presents several topics related to project management, as well as news from important events that take place around the world. Anyone who holds a PMP credential should listen to his podcasts in order to keep his/her continuous learning in project management!"

Marcio Medeiros de Almeida, PMP

Senior Consultant of Projects & Programs

Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo Viana Vargas is a professional who has a deep involvement with the category of Project Managers, as he has a vast knowledge in the sector and shares it with all colleagues, the result is the success he has. I really like the books he writes, his articles and videos. He as a project manager is an example to be followed. It would be an honor for me to someday work with him on the same project. I am studying this area for 10 years and got him as an excellent professional. I recommend him."

Marco Antonio L. Lo Visco

Itaú – Brazil "Ricardo’s passion for project management is unsurpassed. He is certainly one of the best senior program manager I have seen in my career."

Marcos Araújo

Brazil "Ricardo Viana Vargas is a professional who has a deep involvement with the Project Management profession. He has a vast knowledge in the area and shares it with all colleagues, thus the result is the success he has!!"

Renato Piccinin

Santander – Brazil "Endorsing Ricardo Vargas is like taking sand to the beach, almost like speaking well of the queen of a bee hive."