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“I began to know the value of this professional through an MBA in Business and Projects Management that I’m still doing here in Rio de Janeiro at UERJ. And since then, I started to keep track of all his materials at this site, his mobile application, and books. He inspired me and made my passion for PM increase. I hope someday I’ll have the opportunity to meet him and thank him for the encouragement. He really is a unique professional.”

Fabio Lima Linkedin

Technical Leader / Specialist - Montreal Informática

“I share the approval in the PMP certification exam last Friday (11/12/15) after 6 months of intense studies and a lot of learning! I am very happy with the approval of this attempt, and this victory is also due to you. Since I got to know your work during a specialization course in Project Management here in São Luís / MA, where I work and currently reside, I started to accompany you in video classes wherever you went.”

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“.... Every day during commuting from home to work, or from work to home, I was always accompanied by the videos made by you right after the migration from PMBOK fourth to the fifth edition, especially the video “Process Flow Guide from PMBOK 5th Edition ”. In fact, this video was the beginning of my entire journey, and it opened my mind to the subject of project management as I had never managed before. Recently, following your work, along with other reference materials, I closed the study day, marked the test in my home state and was approved in BH! Even though I am not your formal student, I consider myself to be your student on the journey, and I am very grateful for your availability to record and publish them on the internet. Without your tips, you certainly wouldn't have taken the exam so safely. Thank you very much, Professor Vargas, for your work and availability. I am an admirer of your work, and I wish you, your team and the whole family a lot of health and success!”

João Lucas Cordeiro Linkedin

Senior Supply Analyst - Valle

“I forward this message just to thank the unique figure of professional, serious and competent, that you are. I confess that your remarkable charisma and skill, when it comes to managing projects in the most diverse areas, overwhelmingly motivated me!”

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“... If today I chose to follow the tortuous yet invigorating path of entrepreneurship, seeking, with each passing day, to improve myself more in the feasible and efficient concepts of the projected world, I owe a lot to your teachings and your way of seeing reality differently. Pragmatic and simple, obtaining, in this way, to extract, from any scenario that imposes itself, the best results. Similarly to Ayn ​​Rand in her “Atlas Uprising” (Atlas Struggled), whenever we see a project successfully completed, we must keep in mind that the final product generated by that project represents the human soul of the people who undertook it. Not wanting to sound corny, but congratulations once again for the great professional example you represent!”

Marina Pontes Linkedin

Planning and Control Engineer - Stefani Nogueira Incorporação

“I follow the work done by Ricardo Viana Vargas, and he is an icon of Project Management. His publications are excellent for studies, consultations and mainly to be applied in the everyday life of those who work in the field. Another example of excellence in his work is right here on this website, the exclusive Reader’s Area.”

Rangel Reis Rozales Linkedin

Project Planner

“I knew Ricardo Viana when he was just a student at Brazilian Military Service, and since that time, all his colleagues could feel his strength and leadership. Ricardo was always ready to help us all whatever it takes and also to put up with the difficult challenges that our instructors proposed.”

Bernardo Portugal Linkedin

Invited Professor of the Counselors Development Program - FDC

“Since his early age, he had leadership as natural ability, out of that he was the best student of the Army, and I also know that he figures among the first places at university application tests (vestibular) among all students in UFMG best local university… His professional progress was evident once his academic grades were impressive, the speech skills and managing talent were impressive, as well!”

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“... I am honored to have him as a success benchmark and as a person too.”

Daniel R. Costa Linkedin

Chairman - Take

“Ricardo Viana Vargas is clever, entrepreneur, result-oriented, besides having an outstanding talent for business and being an international reference in project management issues.”

Paulo da Pieve Linkedin

Area Sales Manager - HAZEMAG & EPR Gmbh