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“Ricardo Vargas is an exceptional person. Simple, accurate and flexible. He knows how to manage multicultural and complex situations. There is no “hard time” for Ricardo, he will follow the plan and do whatever it takes to complete the process. He never loses the team spirit. He is an outstanding asset to any company who needs to manage a project, people, calculate the risk factors and goals achievement.”

Alan Drummond Linkedin

Big Data & Analystics Lead - Mandic Cloud Solutions

“Ricardo Viana Vargas is great. He is the best. Congratulations!”

Antônio E. Oliveira Linkedin

Project Manager - CTA

“Ricardo's podcasts are very useful and helped us a lot to illustrate the knowledge shared with us this postgraduate course. Congratulations, Ricardo, for the great professional you are.”

Fulvio Viçoso Linkedin

Engineer - Braskem

“Ricardo Viana Vargas is one of the best professors at MBA in Project Management we had because he can teach giving information about his professional works around the world. We can learn much better when we are connected with real situations rather than with ideas and theories. I would appreciate if he could send me more information about lectures or events in Brazil.”

Nícia Mafra Linkedin

Consultant - Sectorial Development / Design and Environmental Management - Sebrae
Fundação Getúlio Vargas

“Ricardo Vargas is a very easy-going and enthusiastic professional, always eager to share his knowledge and experiences in Project Management and IT Area dynamically and creatively. I am very proud of attending his classes and receiving lots of incentives to become a PMP professional and contribute to PMI initiatives. Highly recommended!”

Claudia Castro Linkedin

Gerente de Projetos - Stahl Informática
Fundação Getúlio Vargas

“Ricardo Vargas is an authority in this field and is able to help us define the next steps and plan to move forward with our professional initiatives.”

Renato Vieira Linkedin

Project Coordinator - Reframax Engenharia Ltda.
Fundação Getúlio Vargas

“Ricardo Viana Vargas is an icon on Project Management, especially in Brazil. His dedication to the profession is an example to be followed.”

Ricardo Magno Linkedin

Architect, Project and Construction Manager - MC2 Arquitetura
Fundação Getúlio Vargas

“Ricardo Vargas is an excellent professional who knows how to share his knowledge and motivate his team.”

Thiago C. Pereira Linkedin

CIO - Sinqia

“Ricardo has a brilliant and tireless mind that is always looking for solutions. Working with him made me learn that we must believe in the things we do, truly believe in the applications that we offer and use them in our lives.”

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“... Ricardo is one of those masters who dispenses room and board, he is a kind of master that helps you to be a great human being, working with him is to have daily on how powerful can be our will to realize things, all we have to do is plan and manage them. He always surprises me with something and fills me with pride for having already worked on his team. But, in fact, a thing that made me really proud, as a professional and as a Brazilian person, was his actions as chairman of PMI. Everybody should be very proud of it! And this is him! If something seems to be impossible, he goes there and does ... Believe me.”

Aline Gouveia Linkedin

Director of People and Operations Management - Ação Contact Center

“As my teacher of Project Management and Operational Research at University, he knew how to get me interested for Project Management field. He was also my director at A&C Consulting. There we helped our clients to manage big and important projects, and Ricardo was always client result-oriented, coaching and teaching his consultants how to improve client performance on management or delivering project results.”

Willian Atherton Linkedin

Master Coach Senior - ProBetter Coaching

“Ricardo and I worked together at some A&C’s Project Management deals at the late 1990s. I could notice his expertise on this matter and his negotiation skills at the first big deal that we closed at this time. Ricardo also is one of the most intelligent and result-oriented people that I know.”

Ronaldo Barreto Linkedin

Vertical Lead - News and Publishing Partnership - Google

“Ricardo and I joined A&C Group together back in 1995. Ricardo was a pioneer in Project Management field in Brazil and a visionary in business. His abilities to plan and manage to get things done are legendary, leading Ricardo and A&C Group to success over the years.”

Eduardo Magalhães Linkedin

HR, IT & Supply-Chain Director - Kinross Gold Corporation

“Ricardo Viana is a dedicated and focused professional. A strong leader, with a good sense of balance between management and creativity skills. I learned a lot from business guidance to emotional intelligence with him during my time at Grupo A&C. It was a pleasure to work and be led by him.”

Leonardo Pimenta Linkedin

Territory Senior Sales Manager - Oracle

“Ricardo is a great master. We worked together at A&C and Macrosolutions. Those were times when I received so many lessons about leadership, conflicts management and projects management. I often use these lessons on the projects I’m working with and in all my profession.”

Matheus Fogli Linkedin

Founding partner - UNITI SOLUÇÕES

“Ricardo is now the most powerful Guru of Project Management worldwide. He is a finding. He engages people with their perceptions and thoughts sweeping! See Ricardo breaking new horizons for the Project Management is a pride for all of Brazil.”

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Paulo Furtado Linkedin

Maintenance Management Technology Coordinator - Companhia Siderúrgica do Pecém

“If I had to say just one of the many Ricardo’s professional qualities, the one that could sum up these qualities, the chosen word would be “VISION”. On that matter, no teacher or school can teach what I learned from him while we worked together.”

Rene Abdon Santos Linkedin

Senior Manager - Accenture

“Ricardo Viana Vargas is today one of the leading names of Project Management in Brazil and recognized worldwide. I had the happiness of rendering services at the company he established (A&C). He is an excellent professional with great knowledge.”

Vítor Vargas Linkedin

School of Business Management Professor - Arden University

“I found Ricardo’s website while studying project management, and I was amazed at the quality and organization, particularly the rich content available, which is of great value to my studies. Ricardo, thank you for sharing your knowledge, and I wish you success in your way.”

Alessandro Rizzatto Pignata

Corporate Information Analysis Analyst - Post and Telegraph

“I began to know the value of this professional through an MBA in Business and Projects Management that I’m still doing here in Rio de Janeiro at UERJ. And since then, I started to keep track of all his materials at this site, his mobile application, and books. He inspired me and made my passion for PM increase. I hope someday I’ll have the opportunity to meet him and thank him for the encouragement. He really is a unique professional.”

Fabio Lima Linkedin

Technical Leader / Specialist - Montreal Informática

“I share the approval in the PMP certification exam last Friday (11/12/15) after 6 months of intense studies and a lot of learning! I am very happy with the approval of this attempt, and this victory is also due to you. Since I got to know your work during a specialization course in Project Management here in São Luís / MA, where I work and currently reside, I started to accompany you in video classes wherever you went.”

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“.... Every day during commuting from home to work, or from work to home, I was always accompanied by the videos made by you right after the migration from PMBOK fourth to the fifth edition, especially the video “Process Flow Guide from PMBOK 5th Edition ”. In fact, this video was the beginning of my entire journey, and it opened my mind to the subject of project management as I had never managed before. Recently, following your work, along with other reference materials, I closed the study day, marked the test in my home state and was approved in BH! Even though I am not your formal student, I consider myself to be your student on the journey, and I am very grateful for your availability to record and publish them on the internet. Without your tips, you certainly wouldn't have taken the exam so safely. Thank you very much, Professor Vargas, for your work and availability. I am an admirer of your work, and I wish you, your team and the whole family a lot of health and success!”

João Lucas Cordeiro Linkedin

Senior Supply Analyst - Valle

“I forward this message just to thank the unique figure of professional, serious and competent, that you are. I confess that your remarkable charisma and skill, when it comes to managing projects in the most diverse areas, overwhelmingly motivated me!”

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“... If today I chose to follow the tortuous yet invigorating path of entrepreneurship, seeking, with each passing day, to improve myself more in the feasible and efficient concepts of the projected world, I owe a lot to your teachings and your way of seeing reality differently. Pragmatic and simple, obtaining, in this way, to extract, from any scenario that imposes itself, the best results. Similarly to Ayn ​​Rand in her “Atlas Uprising” (Atlas Struggled), whenever we see a project successfully completed, we must keep in mind that the final product generated by that project represents the human soul of the people who undertook it. Not wanting to sound corny, but congratulations once again for the great professional example you represent!”

Marina Pontes Linkedin

Planning and Control Engineer - Stefani Nogueira Incorporação