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José Finocchio Jr

São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo is one of the most intelligent and high energy professional in the Project Management field. We worked together delivering a project management workshop for 160 participants in a single session. It was challenging and we did great. It was very nice to work with Ricardo because he have a passion for high quality services and do not stop until find the best and perfect solution. I wish the best for Ricardo in his career and business development."

Osmar Zózimo

São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo Vargas is very proactive and creative business man and extremely respected in international PM community. Work with him was an exciting experience and our readers of MundoPM journal love his articles, books etc. Vargas has a meaningful personal image on market. He is a partner that everyone would want."

Rachel Horta

Belo Horizonte, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo is an exceptional professional. He is worldwide recognized for its impeccable expertise and his professionalism. It’s a client extremely demanding but with an uncanny ability to learn with new challenges and make the work grows."

Elton Melo

Santander Global Projects - International DMA / DSA to BM&F-Bovespa - FIX Protocol

Santander – Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo Vargas’ 5 Minutes PM Podcast is a great initiative. He presents several topics related to project management, as well as news from important events that take place around the world. Anyone who holds a PMP credential should listen to his podcasts in order to keep his/her continuous learning in project management!"

Marcio Medeiros de Almeida, PMP

Senior Consultant of Projects & Programs

Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo Viana Vargas is a professional who has a deep involvement with the category of Project Managers, as he has a vast knowledge in the sector and shares it with all colleagues, the result is the success he has. I really like the books he writes, his articles and videos. He as a project manager is an example to be followed. It would be an honor for me to someday work with him on the same project. I am studying this area for 10 years and got him as an excellent professional. I recommend him."

Marco Antonio L. Lo Visco

Itaú – Brazil "Ricardo’s passion for project management is unsurpassed. He is certainly one of the best senior program manager I have seen in my career."

Marcos Araújo

Brazil "Ricardo Viana Vargas is a professional who has a deep involvement with the Project Management profession. He has a vast knowledge in the area and shares it with all colleagues, thus the result is the success he has!!"

Renato Piccinin

Santander – Brazil "Endorsing Ricardo Vargas is like taking sand to the beach, almost like speaking well of the queen of a bee hive."

Sergio Moschioni

Project Coordinator

Curitiba, Brazil "Ricardo is one of the references that I have in project management. Besides being a professional with great experience and technical knowledge he is characterized by personal generosity unmatched when it comes to helping people, regardless of the closeness that they have it."

Kathleen Romero

Richmond, USA Linkedin "Ricardo is a highly skilled professional and leader who is able to inspire, motivate, and direct teams to accomplish great things. As the Chair of PMI he led a culturally diverse Board and organization with vision, insight, and enthusiasm. He is a highly-regarded leader in the project management community, and a lot of fun to work with even in the most challenging and serious discussions. He possesses all the hard skills that one would expect and excells at the soft skills that set him apart from the masses."

Philip Diab

Pennsylvania, USA Linkedin "Ricardo and I served on the PMI Board of Directors together for 2 years. After his first year on the board, Ricardo was entrusted with the position of Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee. Ricardo was able to impress everyone with this ability to lead this team and facilitate some difficult discussions. He not only exhibited a great deal of intelligence, but also integrity and honesty. His work in this position helped provide an excellent foundation for him to serve as PMI Chairman in 2009. Ricardo is a personable and genuine person. He is both a valued friend and colleague."

Suhail Iqbal

Islamabad, Paquistão Linkedin "Crossed ways with Ricardo many times during PMI Leadership Conferences and Global Congresses. I found him as a knowledgeable, pleasant and a wise gentleman. His knowledge and experience in the fields of organizational and project management makes him an obvious choice for any challenging multi-cultural assignment, for which he is highy recommended."