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“As a junior Project Manager, I would like to say a big thank you to Ricardo for taking his time to explain in detail what it takes to be a very good Project Manager at this age. My passion for project management has heightened, and I owe it all to him. Thank you, Sir, you are the best.”

Miriam Amunyamekeh Vox-Afful Linkedin

Accounting Coordinator - Pure Earth

“I am a 50 years old man and I want to learn about project management because I believe that the empirical experience I have had managing projects can achieve good performance since I discovered that I like to finish what I start and see what has thought come true, help others and work as a team. This course has helped me discover myself in that area and is of great value to me, I recommended. Thanks, Ricardo!!!”

Salvador Rebollo Linkedin

Director - Interaktiva

“Ricardo is one of the best Project Management instructors working in Brazil today. He has done at least two annual training sessions at Siemens Brasil in the last five years, and his approval by the participants is always 100%. I am sure that he is responsible for our tremendous success in reaching the number of 170 PMPs certified in our group in Brazil. Finally, I can say that your training is worth what it costs.”

Leandro Patah Linkedin

PMO Manager

“The experience of working with Ricardo and his team was excellent. We identify promising opportunities for improvement, and we also developed processes with remarkable consistency for project and portfolio management.”

Andre Araujo Hofmeister

Director, Planning & Business Development

“The course, Building and Enhancing your Career in Project Management, presented by Ricardo was very educative, highly informative, and relevant to those seeking to achieve Project Management excellence!”

Harvey J Tyler Linkedin

Ministry of Education of New Zealand

“Ricardo was one of the main speakers in our worldwide seminar for Project Managers. He transmits passion and engagement for PM activities that encourage us as Project Managers to speed up our pace for development, bringing this way a significant contribution to our business. Also, his communication skills keep the attention of the people and give us a good feeling of “I want to hear more”.”

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“... I hope we have another opportunity in the future to work together again.”

Sergio Favaro Linkedin

Industrial Manager

About Ricardo Vargas

Passionate about transforming ideas into action, Ricardo Vargas is a chief advocate in the project economy.

Specializing in implementing innovative global initiatives, capital projects and product development, Ricardo has directed dozens of projects across industries and continents, managing more than $20 billion over the past 25 years.