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Our project management services, which include PMO setup and evaluation and machine learning technology can help ensure your organization achieves superior results on your priority projects. Our Quick Wins® methodology can help you rapidly plan and structure expedited priority capital projects.

Over a varied and exciting 25-year career, Ricardo Vargas has helped manage more than $20 billion in global capital and product development projects across a wide variety of industries on many different continents.

Over that time, Ricardo has learned that important projects need tailor-made solutions. No one approach or methodology is appropriate for every project. Our approach is to find the solution that fits best with each client organization.

Key issues addressed

  • Low team performance and morale
  • Managing chaos in the execution of the project work
  • Inaccurate and unreliable status reports
  • Reducing the need for constant improvisation
  • Delays and budget overrun
  • Benefits and outcomes not achieved

Quick Wins® for Accelerated Planning

Imagine going from nothing to complete in 3 weeks! Our industry-leading Quick Wins® methodology can be used to structure and execute a project when circumstances do not allow for a normal planning process.

This can provide your organization with a tremendous competitive edge when project completion represents the difference between leading and following industry trends.

Quick Wins® can help guide:

  • Status assessment
  • Team planning and composition
  • First version definition
  • Design and implementation of a communications plan
  • Contingency process implementation
  • Identification of risk triggers
  • Project-specific leadership training and coaching
  • Support through to project operation

Project Recovery

A crisis can completely derail even the best-planned projects. We have a wealth of experience helping organizations regain focus and momentum after suffering a crisis or setback.

Our services include:

  • Recovery plan development and implementation, employing Quick Wins® tools.
  • Alternatives and outcomes assessment
  • Premature project termination
  • Support to leadership on recovery decisions
  • Critical response and contingency implementation

Use of AI and Machine Learning to Leverage Project Performance

Ricardo was a pioneer in the use of Artificial Neural Networks to predict project behaviour. In 2015, he published the paper Applying Neural Networks and Analogous Estimating to Determine the Project Budget. In 2018 he founded with partners PMOtto, the first chatbot to employ machine learning to help manage projects and utilize project management software.

We can leverage machine learning to help your organization with:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Task prediction
  • Project status trend analysis
  • The use of productivity AI assistant
  • Resources allocation to address team experience and knowledge
  • Financial forecasting and market crisis analysis
  • Fraud detection

Establishing a Project Management Office (PMO)

Ricardo Vargas has helped to establish more than 100 project offices across several major industries, including oil and gas, mining, petrochemicals, construction information technology and financial services.

Together, these projects represented more than US$20 billion in investments.

We can help your PMO address:

  • Maturity assessment and gap’s analysis
  • Hybrid approaches to project management
  • PMO team development
  • Technological infrastructure analysis
  • Proof of concept and pilot projects

Project Management Office Optimization

Improve results and bring more projects to maturity by optimizing methods and results.

Key services include:

  • Get buy-in from key sponsors and stakeholders
  • Process model assessment, restructuring and optimization
  • Lean-project management
  • Hybrid project delivery approaches (Coexisting Agile and Waterfall)
  • Clear definitions of team roles and profiles
  • Communications design and restructuring
  • Project manager career development

Project Maturity Assessment

Our extensive experience in project, program and portfolio management can help your organization diagnose problems and plot a path to better performance.

Services include:

  • Project maturity diagnosis with Axelos P3M3®
  • Competency and stakeholder mapping
  • Overall improvement in planning and execution.

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