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Abrahão Henrique

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo, besides being who he is in the “Project Management Good Practices” world, is an example of humility and selflessness."

Alex Urbano

São Paulo Linkedin "Ricardo Vargas is undoubtedly one of the biggest references in Project Management in Brazil and worldwide. Dedicated professional and a great entrepreneur, he has a exceptional knowledge and amazing contribution to the PM communities. I had the pleasure of interacting with Ricardo on some occasions, including a trip to the PMI EMEA Congress in Malta and I can say he is a professional open, accessible and that always inspires and motivates us. I strongly recommend him."

Marcelo Bastos

Banco do Brasil – São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "I consider Ricardo Vargas as a great reference in Project Management in Brazil and worldwide. He inspired me to know and use the PMI proposed practical. Besides, he has entrepeneurial vision and passion for everything he does. It’s always a pleasure to meet him and talk either personal or virtually. Ricardo thinks big and is extremely connected to the subjects concerning to management and to the great market changes, or on the economy and the society. Certainly, he is an outlier professional."

Emad E. Aziz

Egypt Linkedin "Ricardo was a keynote speaker at our conference P2P 2009, and his speach was inspiring to all attendees at different levels. Ricardo inspired the audience and enlightened them to the value of project management and its increasing relevance at times of crisis. Ricardo also used the opportunity to connect with business and government leaders in Egypt, advocating for Project Management and PMI. I have worked with Ricardo on a few other consultancy engagements afterwards, and would strongly recommend him for his extensive knowledge of Project Management."

Jorge Arthur Leitão

Microsoft – São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "I know Ricardo Vargas for many years, and he is one of the people I really admire in our Industry. I’m proud to display his recommendation in my profile, and that he asked me for a recommendation. Ricardo is skilled professional who has a deep knowledge in Project Management, but what is outstanding is his constant willingness to share his knowledge. He is a true leader on the Project Management Community in Brazil and Latin America, who achieved by the vote of his peers the role of Chair for PMI. Hardworking, visionary, relentless, charismatic and a great communicator; all those adjectives could pretty well describe Ricardo, but beyond all that, he is a gentleman, family man, caring human being that has overcome his challenges with grace and kindness."

Henrique Imbertti Jr

São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo is an example of a communication specialist and speaker. Also, he is a fantastic author and writer, always receptive to talk, to answer questions and to help people with his simple way. He works hard to disseminate the project management knowledge in Brazil and in the world. Without a doubt he influenced a lot of people to use PM best practices and I suggest strongly that you read his books!"

Ozeas Vieira Santana Filho

São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "It is easy to recommend a quality professional as Ricardo. He has a great communication skill and he is one of the most knowledgeable person in project management. He and Finocchio did a great job delivering the PMDOME workshop at Senac."

José Ângelo da Costa Pinto

Lisboa, Portugal "Ricardo is the ideal Project Manager. He is organized, disciplined, methodological, has a deep knowledge of Project, Portfolio and Program management theories and practices. He has also a great experience, not only as Project Manager but also on the Management of large and big companies. He is also a great strategist: He is able to produce, visualize and maintain a vision of the future and make it real through hard work and ability to communicate. Ricardo is a phenomenal leader. He feels at ease in multimillion dollar boards and he feels at ease with people that are still in the early stages in their professional carrier. And this is done with the same very high empathy, energy and enthusiasm that is even contagious and makes as much more optimists and much more self-confidents. Ricardo is an excellent communicator and a fantastic speaker. I have the privilege of having listened to several of his speeches especially in 2009, as he was the PMI Chair of the Board and they were always very interesting, illuminating and always very welcomed by the public. He was in Portugal as a Key Note Speaker in our conference in 2009 and this was one of the highest points of the event. Portuguese project managers really liked the way he explained what the future of the profession for him was and he truly communicated this vision. Ricardo is the ideal Project Manager, but he is so much more than that. He is a dedicated, result oriented, intelligent, emotional competent and, at the same time, he is an excellent person, with very high ethical and honesty standards and with a passion and love for the profession of Project Management and for the Project Managers. And he can communicate this passion and love to others, improving them and making them also better professionals. One special and necessary word for the 5 Minutes Project Management Podcasts that Ricardo produces every week since 2007. Ricardo can explain the concepts, the tools, the techniques, the methodology and even the environment and ambient that the Project Manager has to deal with in a way that everyone can understand and with a cost (5 minutes) benefit (having a concept, a technique, etcetera explained and understood) ratio for the listener that is really low. It is a privilege to know people like Ricardo."

Lynn Smith, GWCPM

ESI International – Arlington, VA, USA Linkedin "When I think of Ricardo, I think “Wow”. How can one man accomplish so much? I have had the pleasure to know him since 2002, beginning with him sharing his passion and expertise for project management to ESI clients. Since then, I have watched him go on to grow and launch successful businesses, author books, create new products and services – the list of accomplishments is endless and continues to grow. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with him, should. Ricardo Vargas is an amazing individual."

Estevão Bela

São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo is an exemplary professional for all PMPs, sharing his abilities in relationships and knowledge in the multiple areas of project management."

Wagner Maxsen

Belo Horizonte, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo Vargas is an extremely capable professional who combines a strong business acumen with the ability to conceive profitable and efficient solutions for corporate strategies. While he is definitely the most proficient professional I know in the field of project management, he is also a master in the techniques of lectures and a true believer of team building. He’s been my inspiration for quite a long time now."

Hannes Schollenberger

Henkel – São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo succeeded in teaching the complex matter of Risk Management in an excellent and comprehensive way."