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“Ricardo is an exceptional professional. He is recognized worldwide for its impeccable expertise and professionalism. He is a customer who demands a lot, but with an unusual ability to learn with new challenges and make the work grows.”

Rachel Horta Linkedin

Co-Founder & Chairwoman - Hekima

“Ricardo Vargas' 5 Minutes PM Podcast is a great initiative. It features various topics related to project management, as well as news of important events taking place around the world. Anyone who holds a PMP credential must listen to their podcasts in order to maintain their continuous learning in project management!”

Elton Melo Linkedin

Digital Architect

“Ricardo Viana Vargas is a professional who has a deep involvement with the category of Project Managers, as he has a vast knowledge in the sector and shares it with all colleagues, the result is the success he has. I really like the books he writes, his articles and videos. He as a project manager is an example to be followed. It would be an honor for me to someday work with him on the same project.”

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“... I am studying this area for 10 years, and got him as an excellent professional. I recommend him.”

Márcio Medeiros Linkedin

PMO and Project Manager

“Ricardo’s passion for project management is unsurpassed. He is certainly one of the best senior program managers I have seen in my career.”

Marco L. Lo Visco Linkedin

Senior Project Manager, Program Manager, PMO Director

“Ricardo Viana Vargas is a professional who has a profound involvement in the category of Project Managers, as he has vast knowledge in the sector and shares it with all colleagues in the profession, the result of which is the Success he has !!!”

Marcos Araújo Linkedin

Technology and Planning Director

“Endorsing Ricardo Vargas is like taking sand to the beach, almost like speaking well of the queen of a beehive.”

Renato Piccinin Linkedin

Building Infrastructure Coordinator - LATAM

“I have known Ricardo Viana Vargas since 1996, he is very intelligent, energized and enthusiastic, trying to succeed in a subject called "Project Management". At that time, some people talked a lot about the topic, some of them said they used project management, but the vast majority (including me) did not have a clear idea about the subject.”

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“... Ricardo, in a brilliant self-made career as a project manager, professor, speaker and business consultant, has built a world-class brand and associating his name with the project management discipline. Nowadays, project management professionals from all over the world and anyone who takes project management seriously, know the name of this friendly, talented, strongly committed to advancing business results, including large global companies. He is incontestably an effective reference for this subject. For me, besides that, he's still the same simple guy I met years ago. I am very proud to see how a man, overcoming himself and from an early start, can build a new path for him and all of us. Thank you, Ricardo. Thank you, old friend. and go ahead!…"”

Roberto Gattoni Linkedin

Head of Corporate PMO

“Ricardo is one of the references that I have in project management. Besides being a professional with great experience and technical knowledge he is characterized by a personal generosity unmatched when it comes to helping people, regardless of how close they are.”

Sergio Moschioni Linkedin

Quality Manager - Group Renault

“Ricardo is a highly skilled professional and leader who is able to inspire, motivate, and direct teams to accomplish great things. As the Chair of PMI he led a culturally diverse Board and organization with vision, insight, and enthusiasm. He is a highly-regarded leader in the project management community, and a lot of fun to work with even in the most challenging and serious discussions.”

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“... He possesses all the hard skills that one would expect and excels at the soft skills that set him apart from the masses.”

Kathleen Romero Linkedin

Senior Program Manager, Retail and Direct Bank Crisis Management - Capital One

“Ricardo and I served on the PMI Board of Directors together for 2 years. After his first year on the board, Ricardo was entrusted with the position of Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee. Ricardo was able to impress everyone with this ability to lead this team and facilitate some difficult discussions. He exhibited not only a great deal of intelligence but also integrity and honesty.”

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“... His work in this position helped provide an excellent foundation for him to serve as PMI Chairman in 2009. Ricardo is a personable and genuine person. He is both a valued friend and colleague.”

Philip Diab Linkedin

Director, Digital Transformation Consulting (DX) - Injazat

“I have crossed ways with Ricardo many times during PMI Leadership Conferences and Global Congresses. I found him a knowledgeable, pleasant and a wise gentleman. His knowledge and experience in the fields of organizational and project management make him an obvious choice for any challenging multi-cultural assignment, for which he is highly recommended.”

Suhail Iqbal Linkedin

Senior Trainer OPM - CONSAK Inc.

“Ricardo is a person that has a lot of energy. I know him as a Component Mentor for Latin America and his contributions in that role are numerous. Being a practitioner, trainer and an author he is well-known in PM circles and has risen to well-deserved positions at PMI and his personal life. I wish him all the luck.”

Suhail Iqbal Linkedin

Senior Trainer OPM - CONSAK Inc.

“I became a fan of Ricardo’s “5 minutes PM Podcast” and was lucky to meet him at one of the PM events. After that, Ricardo took part in several of online Project Management conferences I organized for Russian audiences. Ricardo is a great speaker. He is also a great Project Management thinker. This rare combination makes his podcasts and sessions outstanding, a piece of PM art.”

Vadim Bogdanov Linkedin

Chairman Of The Board - Association of Russian-speaking Professionals In Project Management

“Ricardo Vargas is a great strategic leader. Along with polished professionalism, quality and depth of character and high intelligence, Ricardo’s passion for project management, leadership and strategic thinking principles move people individually and in groups to new levels of understanding. Truly, Ricardo has done much to advance the project management profession throughout the world.”

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“... Knowing and working with Ricardo before, during and since he was the Chair of the PMI Board of Directors has been an honor that I have and expect to continue to learn from for years to come.”

Gil Marder Linkedin

Founder - World Humanity Project

“I can say with ease that Ricardo Vargas is a unique professional. I have always considered him as an example of focus, persistence, excellence and prominence. I have been in contact with teachers and consultants for over 10 years, and I am sure that Ricardo Vargas is in the top 5! His examples in classes, his clarity and his knowledge have conquered many people.”

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“... These are undoubtedly unique attributes, which only those who have the practice can guarantee.”

David Forli Inocente Linkedin

General Director of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education - Positivo University

“Ricardo Vargas is a highly skilled Professional, an example of project management expert. Also, he is an excellent speaker that has a perfect, captivating oratory. He is an excellent professional with great knowledge.”

Rodrigo Barone Linkedin

Project Management Specialist (PMO) - ISH Tecnologia

“Ricardo Vargas is a worldwide reference in Project Management. His books and articles are always referred by my MBA students at the Getulio Vargas Foundation (Fundação Getulio Vargas- FGV), as a practical guide for the application of principals of The PMBok (PMI).”

Rossana Pavanelli Linkedin

Senior Associated Consultant
Fundação Getúlio Vargas

“Ricardo Vargas is undoubtedly one of the most significant references in Project Management in Brazil and worldwide. Dedicated professional and a great entrepreneur, he has exceptional knowledge and amazing contribution to the PM communities.”

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“... I had the pleasure of interacting with Ricardo on some occasions, including a trip to the PMI EMEA Congress in Malta and I can say he is a professional open, accessible and that always inspires and motivates us. I strongly recommend him.”

Alex Urbano Linkedin

Regional Director Of Business Development - Supria

“Ricardo is an example of a communication specialist and speaker. Also, he is a fantastic author and writer, always receptive to talk, to answer questions and to help people with his simple way. He works hard to disseminate project management knowledge in Brazil and around the world. Without a doubt, he influenced a lot of people to use PM best practices, and I strongly suggest that you read his books!”

Henrique Imbertti Jr Linkedin

Director of Organizational Agility - Magazine Luiza

“Ricardo succeeded in teaching the complex matter of Risk Management in an excellent and comprehensive way.”

Hannes Schollenberger Linkedin

President Latin America/ Regional Head of Finance Latam - Henkel

“Ricardo’s books reflect exactly what he is: practical, objective, dynamic and, what is more important, have the power to push us towards action and new discoveries. “Practical Guide to Project Plan” is one of these technical books that every professional who deals with management must own.”

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“... Surpassing the several titles on PM theory and preparation manuals for exams, the Practical Guide portrays a REAL step-by-step project according to the proper methodology, with all the templates, recommendations and interferences. It delivers what promises and reminds me of an old quotation: “there is nothing more practical than a good theory”. I strongly recommend him as an author, consultant, speaker and counsellor.”

Aldo Mattos Linkedin

Consultant, Author, Speaker