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“In this course, I realized how much I need to improve in my career and how relevant I can be in my profession. This course brings to my mind the purpose that in everyday life, we forget and get out of the way. This course made me realize how to be aware of my goals.”

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Bianca Melo Santos Linkedin

Project Manager - Samcorp Solution

“It is an immense pleasure to listen to Ricardo's words of wisdom. This course is phenomenal and each and every second devoted to this course is worth it. Looking forward to similar useful content in the coming days. More power to you, Kudos (congratulations)!”

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Amit Gujral Linkedin

Project Management Consulting - KGS, Management Consulting

“A high-added value course. I highly recommend this course to all project managers, professional Juniors or Seniors. The course is very well organized, and Dr. Ricardo is Highly motivating. Thank you, Ricardo, for sharing your experience and lessons learned from your long PM journey. I really felt that the course is coming from your heart. Thank you.”

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Noureddine Idboufker Linkedin

Professor - UCA

“The course is concrete, and clear, and provides easy-to-use practical tools with clear benefits.”

Rodolfo Uribe

Manager - CCS

“Excellent Course that gives a complete understanding of risk management.”

Dattaprasad Bhalchandra Kulkarni Linkedin

Area Manager

“This course helped me give direction and meaning in my path as a project manager.”

Victor Leonardo Higuera Quintana Linkedin

Supervisor - CW Metal

“This course is extremely useful for those who want to advance their career in an honest way. Thanks, Ricardo!”

Sergio Carrillo Linkedin

Workshops Chief - Avianca Holdings

“The course addresses project management clearly and objectively, making it accessible to understand the contents. Ricardo Vargas' guidelines help us direct our studies to seek greater knowledge in the area. Excellent course and teacher teaching.”

Marilei Kovatli Linkedin

Project Manager - Ilog

“This free course is highly relevant for professionals who are starting their careers. Ricardo addresses how you can define your path in a simple and didactic way. I recommend it to everyone, even those who are not satisfied where they are.”

Bruno França dos Santos Linkedin

Engineering Manager - Adient

“Great course and must be learned if you are starting your journey.”

Juan Sanitize

Project Manager - AINCO

“I am a student who studies at the university in the specialty of Project Manager, where we also study PMBOK 6 sixth and seventh versions. But at university, there is a lot of information and it simultaneously concerns many aspects of project management, because of which it is sometimes difficult to understand and comprehend it. And when I was at university for a semester, I discovered Ricardo's course - it was what I needed at that time.”

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“.... It seems to me the key feature of the course is that Ricardo shows the structure of PMBOK and project management as a whole completely, like a helicopter view. Thanks to that, you start to connect the different parts of project management together, as if you lay out the Lego parts by color and all the chaos goes away from your head. Yes, I already knew some of the information Ricardo was telling me on the course, but he made me look at it in a new way - thanks a lot for that. Also, a lot of information was new and very helpful to me. I strongly recommend this course to a person at a stage when you have already studied a lot of information about project management and your head is in chaos, you don't understand what to do with it, and everything seems too complicated and confusing. This is when this course comes to help. Yes, it will not make you a project manager right away, but it will save you a lot of time, and perhaps even save and make your desire to advance in this profession even stronger. Thanks to Ricardo and all his team who worked on this course - you made a really good product and you help a lot of people in the project management profession. I wish you continued success.”

Denys Fediuk Linkedin

Student of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

“Ricardo Vargas is a seasoned PMP and a versatile teacher. I found his lectures are quite understandable and in capsule form.I am hoping to get certified.”

Ramaneswara Rao Rongala

Job Seeker

“I really learned a lot. The teacher was short and precise.”

Oseni Yusuf Abiodun

COO - Worldwide Heritage Company

“Ricardo Vargas is a "Project Manager" who knows how to teach how to succeed in projects. Intelligent and creative, everything he says he uses and therefore knows the way to "get there." His life is an example of successful projects. Gratitude Ricardo, for having you help us in the journey of professional or personal life, as it is a profusion of initiatives to be faced.”

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“... It is a whole set of projects, larger or smaller, that follow one another sequentially, whether we like it or not. Best wishes to you and SUCCESS ALWAYS!”

Teresinha Morais Falabella de Castro

Escritório de Projetos - Centrais Elétricas do Norte do Brasil S.A - Eletronorte

“Very important content about risk identification is a major project management skill.”

Fábio Marian Linkedin

Mechanical Engineer, Project Analyst - Millpar

“I am very glad to be a part of this course. The way you explained the whole subjects of PMBOK 6th & 7th editions in this course were excellent, and my knowledge of understanding went much higher, Thank you, Mr. Ricardo.”

Zbigniew Kisiel

Investor Relationship Senior Specialist - Nitrogen Group Pulawu

“I appreciate the content and the passion of the teacher. I'm so thankful for this course! Tks!”

Bruno Amabile Linkedin

Owner - Maranata Consulting

“All the curses I have been throughout with Ricardo Vargas as a facilitator give me extreme pleasure. I will look forward to learning from Mr. Ricardo more, regardless of Project Management aspects. Thank you very much.”

Zbigniew Kisiel

Specialist - Nitrogen Group Pulawu

“Good course for quick learning about risk identification.”

Gleidison Jackson Gabriel Faria Linkedin

Planning Engineer - Milplan Engenharia S.A.

“This course provides an excellent, hands-on, introduction to the use of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) for the prioritization of alternative courses of action in a wide variety of contexts.”

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“... Its greatest value resides in providing the student with both an immediately usable tool and a window on an entire field (that of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis - MCDA) of increasing importance for strategic planning, programming, and budgeting by both public and private sector organizations.”

Leonardo Romeo Linkedin

Adjunct Professor of International Development Planning - NYU - Romeo

“Well-spoken with explicit topics for each video which is relevant to the topic of the course.”


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