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“It's very important to our careers to set our references and be inspired. Ricardo Vargas is, for sure, a good reference to have, and I am grateful for his kindness in sharing his knowledge with the community. I wish all the success to him, his school, and all the lucky ones that find this content.”

Suzanne Silva Linkedin

Project Manager - Becomex

“Being a project/programs person, we all know there are days you can get deflated, but Ricardo, without wail, motivates me back to where I am in love with the discipline again.”

Guinivere Pedro Linkedin

Senior Programme Manager - GIBS EDA

“How each point and topic is explained and exemplified became, for me, a differential of the course, and it will help me a lot in the next negotiations. With clean and accessible communication, the instructor found an easy way to keep me focused and loyal to each class, an endless curiosity that made me want to take the course one day. That is very good.”

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“... Thank you for the opportunity… And I will not forget to help those around me in life whenever I have the chance.”

Neide Ricardo Linkedin

Accounting Technique

“Ricardo exposes his ideas clearly. His explanations and examples remove the complexity of the themes, making me feel safe to do it. I had the pleasure of meeting him in person at a PMI meeting. I thanked him for always motivating and guiding us project managers.”

Andrea Pinheiro Corrêa Linkedin

Project Manager and PMO - Lactalis do Brasil

“Well-spoken with explicit topics for each video which is relevant to the topic of the course.”


Records Coordinator/Document Controller

“Thanks for Providing Scholarship for this course. I Did my CAPM with PMBOK 6TH GUIDE.So I am not more familiar with the 7th edition. This course cleared all my doubts and gave me a really, really good idea about PMBOK 7th edition Principles and Performance domains. From I will start implementing all of my learned concepts in real life.Thank you much, Ricardo :)”

Sai Ganesha Linkedin


“Ricardo is an amazing instructor and credible Project Management professional. I truly enjoyed listening to his career recommendations, and I will reflect on my career and probably make some changes based on the content of his course. Thank you!”

Nicola Pizzichillo Linkedin

Project Manager - Emergya Wind Technologies B.V.

“I have been thinking so much about the PMI method since that most project has been developed with the Agile method, but Ricardo, in this course and his statements on LinkedIn and YouTube, brought me another perception of the future of PMI and how much their certification and knowledge could bring to myself as a Project Manager and my background, so I can only thank Ricardo for all the support with statements, lectures and course…”

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“...hese tools have given me another vision about my future and how I should walk to achieve my dreams. Thanks for everything, and keep flying!!!!!”

Clebson Ramos dos Santos Linkedin

Project Manager - Thales Group

“Loved the course; it was insightful, well-thought-out, and straight to the point.”

Olive Chinaka Linkedin

Project Manager - Self employed

“I was encouraged to move into the PM field the moment I came across your famous video explaining the PMBOK 6th edition, such that I went straight to book the CAPM exam and passed after a few weeks of preparation. Right now, I find your insights a good guide in the PM world but overall, even in general life, because life is also a PROJECT.”

Mulenga Chibamba

Assistant Project Manager - UPmarket

“This course is a unique opportunity to understand some details that are fundamental to building a career in the area, and Ricardo is a source of inspiration for any professional. Congratulations!”

Marcos Felipe Del Rey Guedes Linkedin

Relationship Analyst - Site Blindado

“Ricardo is an extremely good and clear teacher of the art of project management. In this short course, he explained risk identification in a concise way, giving the audience different tools to tackle this area of Risk Management. I recommend it to anyone interested in this field, both inexperienced and experienced people.”

Nicola Pizzichillo Linkedin

Project Manager - Emergya Wind Technologies B.V.

“This course addresses a hard topic to deal with during projects, and the manner that it was approached was very dynamic with direct contents; the absorbing became simple to get the comprehension of the topic.”

Clebson Ramos Linkedin

Project Manager - Thales Group

“The course addressed in a clear, direct, and up-to-date manner extremely important topics for professional development. Integrity and coherence were strong points for me; valuing the experiences, even those considered failures, are at least a learning experience. I thank Ricardo for his clarity, for his direct and thought-provoking speech that led me to several questions, and for the certainty that I can correct postures and improve much more.”

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Mario Melo Linkedin

Administrative and Project Manager - ASCES-UNITA

“Dr. Ricardo simplified the risk identification topic in this video series. I recommend it to every project manager.”

Ernest Taanu Berrick Linkedin

Senior ICT Officer - Parliament of Ghana

“I really enjoyed the course, as it was my first contact with risk management and its main techniques. I believe everyone should attend, as it encourages research on such an important subject not only in companies but also for life projects.”

Alexandre Scalioni Linkedin

Process Analyst - MRV Engenharia

“I have found this course to be a great asset as I seek to grow into my career as a project manager. Ricardo does extremely well in dissecting the fundamental aspects of what it means to have a successful and enduring career in project management, no matter the field or industry.”

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“.... The context and knowledge he shared through this course has helped me envision more clearly the professional path I aim to continue on with project management going forward. Thank you, Ricardo!”

David Khoury

Operations Manager - Samaritan's Purse

“Ricardo Vargas touched my heart with this training. I received guidance, insights, and directions straight from the battlefield. There were moments when I felt that Ricardo was inside the room talking only to me. I can say that I have grown, and throughout this year, I will become a better person because I am processing many things that Ricardo taught me here, and the result will occur throughout my life.”

Wender Fernandes Linkedin

Project Manager - Algar Tech

“I'm so glad I found this perfect course! The information is presented simply and clearly and, at the same time, very professionally! It helped me understand the role of a project manager much better than I ever imagined.”

Vitalii Linkedin

Project manager - Lime Vizio Inc

“Excellent course that guides you to make the best decision related to the Project Portfolio. I recommend!”

Rodrigo Toshio Saito Linkedin

Project Consultant - Boehringer Ingelheim

“Ricardo is a leader with a heart for others. I had the pleasure of working with him in preparation for the strategic project leader podcast on how project management fuels the global project economy.”

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“ Ricardo was not only prepared to share the topic, on the day of the podcast but he went above and beyond by creating and sharing a strategic plan to demonstrate the “project lifestyle.” What makes Ricardo an excellent leader is that his action matches his words. I highly recommend Ricardo as he is well-versed in not only project management but also a systems thinking approach that brings other elements of the business to ensure organizations achieve success.”

Fola F. Alabi Linkedin

Director, PMO - Tdetra Energy Management Consultinhg