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“It's very important to our careers to set our references and be inspired. Ricardo Vargas is, for sure, a good reference to have, and I am grateful for his kindness in sharing his knowledge with the community. I wish all the success to him, his school, and all the lucky ones that find this content.”

Suzanne Silva Linkedin

Project Manager - Becomex

“Being a project/programs person, we all know there are days you can get deflated, but Ricardo, without wail, motivates me back to where I am in love with the discipline again.”

Guinivere Pedro

Senior Programme Manager - GIBS EDA

“How each point and topic is explained and exemplified became, for me, a differential of the course, and it will help me a lot in the next negotiations. With clean and accessible communication, the instructor found an easy way to keep me focused and loyal to each class, an endless curiosity that made me want to take the course one day. That is very good.”

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“... Thank you for the opportunity… And I will not forget to help those around me in life whenever I have the chance.”

Neide Ricardo Linkedin

Accounting Technique

“Ricardo exposes his ideas clearly. His explanations and examples remove the complexity of the themes, making me feel safe to do it. I had the pleasure of meeting him in person at a PMI meeting. I thanked him for always motivating and guiding us project managers.”

Andrea Pinheiro Corrêa Linkedin

Project Manager and PMO - Lactalis do Brasil

“Well-spoken with explicit topics for each video which is relevant to the topic of the course.”


Records Coordinator/Document Controller

“Thanks for Providing Scholarship for this course. I Did my CAPM with PMBOK 6TH GUIDE.So I am not more familiar with the 7th edition. This course cleared all my doubts and gave me a really, really good idea about PMBOK 7th edition Principles and Performance domains. From I will start implementing all of my learned concepts in real life.Thank you much, Ricardo :)”

Sai Ganesha Linkedin


“Ricardo is an amazing instructor and credible Project Management professional. I truly enjoyed listening to his career recommendations, and I will reflect on my career and probably make some changes based on the content of his course. Thank you!”

Nicola Pizzichillo Linkedin

Project Manager - Emergya Wind Technologies B.V.