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“A very clear, interesting, and in-depth course on Risk identification. Techniques are explained very well and I found the examples appropriate and enlightening. The optional part, podcasts, are an important part of the course, and my suggestion is not to skip them.”

Enrico Anghileri Linkedin

Project Manager - Freelance consultant

“The course helped me better understand the steps I must take to become a project manager and think about the best way to grow as a person, as a professional, and as a PM. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful course.”

Roman Cancelado Linkedin

Advisor - Enlaza | Bogota Energy Group

“I recently completed the course entitled "Unleashing the Power of the PMBOK® Guide 6 Edition" offered by Ricardo Vargas Online School, and I am delighted to share my experience. From start to finish, this course provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) and its application in real-world scenarios.”

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“... The course was exceptionally well-structured, with each module building upon the previous one, creating a logical and seamless learning experience. Ricardo Vargas, the instructor, has an impressive depth of knowledge and a unique ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise manner. His passion for project management is evident throughout the course, making the content engaging and easy to comprehend.”

Muazam Ali Linkedin

Development Fellow - Ministry of Planning Development and Special Initiative

“Hi, I studied the PMBOK 7th edition with Ricardo Vargas, and it was an amazing learning experience. I confess that when I started, I was in pursuit of preparing for the PMP exam. But when I reached the end of the journey, I understood that the PMP is good, but it's even better to understand project management concepts. I am encouraged to press forward and keep learning, aiming to make a positive impact with the knowledge I acquired here.”

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“... By the way, I got a sponsorship. I applied and waited for the necessary steps until it was approved. Thanks to Ricardo Vargas and the team, the chain of goodness won't break here for sure.”

Café Cândido José Sebastião Linkedin

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer - World Vision Angola

“I am grateful for all that I was able to learn during this course. Being already PMP certified, it was an opportunity for me to refresh my knowledge and adapt it to real practice. Thank you very much for this rich content.”

Linda MAYOU Linkedin

Project manager

“Although the course covers high-level information for the risk management processes, it not allows the student to lose any attention. The course tutorial is very impressive, with all podcasts and graphics with a connection to real-life examples. I am confident that this course will serve as a mind opener and foundation for students who want to excel in Risk Management. Great Course !! Highly Recommended.”

Muhammad Waliullah Linkedin

Senior Architect & QA/QC - Laceco

“This course is excellent not only for a project management career path but also for any career-minded individual taking a different career path. As an adjunct professor, I help my students in business school with career development. Ricardo has such a natural teaching ability that helped me increase my knowledge on this topic and learn tips that I can use to help my students. Thank you, Ricardo, for caring and being so generous with your time.”

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Tooran Khosh Linkedin

Managing Director - Khosh Enterprises

“Very educational and motivating course, and I can say that it contains the unvarnished truth of how to enter the Project Manager career.”

Lucas Costa Linkedin

Civil engineer

“Very insightful and inspiring course for everyone, but especially for those who are starting or driving their career toward Project Management roles in any sector. Very helpful and valuable for those who want to expand their knowledge, soft skills, and experience in PM and open their mind to completing their career with International experience.”

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“... Very impactful course for me because it helped me to stay focused on the most important thing in my career, to have a meaningful and fulfilling job in order to give a sense of what I do on a daily basis being happy. Thank you so much, Ricardo, for sharing your life experience with this paramount course. I strongly recommend it to all my contacts. I´m also a Chemical Engineer who is currently trying to drive my career toward PM roles, but I´m struggling to get that opportunity I need in order to keep gathering experience. Best regards from Madrid.”

Antonio Cortés Linkedin

Project Manager / Sr. Project Engineer - AITESA

“This course is a great opportunity to improve my knowledge. Thank you very much.”

José Roberto Haude Linkedin

Founder - HGD Energia

“The course provides clarity of the involved process and explains far beyond the limits of the PMBOK 6th Edition process, and supports the learning of an individual to acquire knowledge of project management process flow... an excellent course for deep understanding.”

Muhammad Waliullah Linkedin

Senior Architect and QA/QC Specialist

“Well-prepared crash course, to always learn something new.”

Claudio Manuel Linkedin

Project Management Assistant

“I came to watch Ricardo’s video through a YouTube channel. I searched for principles in PMBOK 7 on youtube, and there was him. I spotted his passion, then I followed the link to his website, and I watched till the end of this course, Introduction to Project Management.”

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“... Thanks for all advice, especially on the "What is your north pole class where he shares the big picture to achieve your goals by breaking it into smaller projects" Thanks, Ricardo hope to meet you in person one day and take a photo just like you did with Bill Gates" Cheers.”

Claudio Manuel Linkedin

Project Management Assistant

“This is a very good course, and I have learned a lot about project management. Especially after I just finished PMBOK 6th, it is very rewarding to learn this course. Thank you, teacher, for sharing!”

Zheng Jiaxin - 郑佳欣 Linkedin

Project Director

“Excellent course to prepare a Project Manager for the future. It's Highly recommended to people who want to cover their knowledge gaps about the project management profession and get familiar with PMBOK 7TH approaches. Thanks for producing such an incredible course; regards.”

Muhammad Waliullah Linkedin

Senior Architect & QA/QC - LACECO

“The guy who made me understand framework of project management when i was doing my degree level within pmbok 6...i had a flow of clear understanding and even my assignments i wasn't just writing but having a flow of understanding... He inspired me to go further into pmp and with his help n others, i passed at first attempt but treasure more that i passed with understanding....”

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“... Am not in a direct role of project management as i would like now, but i know with the knowledge i gained i can solve more problems. Ricardo doesn't teach rigid stuff but sequence of process to better thinking.”

Tondani Mathada Linkedin

“Great course to understand the flow and interconnection of the diverse elements in the PMBOK guide. For my taste, too many podcasts; I find it easier to watch a video and see Ricardo explain something than just listen. 5-star rating when more video content was made available instead of podcasts.”

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Floris Gering Linkedin

Scheduler - Covestro Deutschland AG

“Very practical and excellent presentation from start to finish.”

Albert Appiah Linkedin

Project Engineer - Masy BioService

“Mentorship from Heart. Father of Project Management.”

Revathi Sembagounder Thangaraj Linkedin

Co-Founder - Revathi Infrastructures

“The course provided comprehensive insights into effective and practical risk identification techniques, allowing me to grasp a deeper understanding of project risk management. Ricardo's expertise and engaging teaching style made the learning experience both enjoyable and enlightening. I highly recommend this course to fellow students seeking to enhance their risk management skills.”

Rino Maiolo Linkedin

Project Manager - Euromatic Srl

“It was a very clear and concise course; it helped me a lot to understand the changes in the last PMBoK. I strongly recommend it.”

Wheeler Ruis Da Silva Linkedin

Agile Development Leader - Invillia