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“For me this course has been a way of finding myself. To see that every day I enjoy managing people, solving problems in projects, helping others by delivering value in each solution. It has been the confirmation that I am doing every day what makes me feel a better person.”

Maryuli Barcelo Linkedin

Chief Operating Officer

“I am proud as a senior PM to be always tuned, aware, and updated with progress and then to continue implementing and experiencing tools, taking them into practice, and also teaching others. Thank you, Ricardo Vargas, for all your given contributions.”

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Fábio Issao Watanabe Linkedin

Global Senior Project Manager - Metro

“First and foremost, this is an excellent course that covers the fundamentals of Negotiations in a very simple, structured, and sharp way. It is a must-have for people who are willing to learn more about negotiations and how to hone their skills for personal and professional reasons. The value you get from the course outweighs its price big time.”

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“.... Last but not least, you are hearing and learning from one of the most experienced project experts Worldwide, and negotiations are a vital asset of any project manager's ability. I definitely recommend purchasing the course and invest time on watching the videos, reading through the materials and taking notes on the manner that works better for your learning style.”

Breno dos Santos Linkedin

EMEA Operational Excellence Manager - GXO

“Course with perfect teaching. It is straight to the point and very well-detailed. Congratulations on an excellent course.”

Robert Palácio Linkedin

Responsible for Internal Controls and Property Security - Cargill

“Ricardo, I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to you for sharing such a wealth of information about risk management during this course. Your ability to condense complex concepts into straightforward, digestible points made the learning process incredibly efficient and engaging.”

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“... Your dedication and expertise are truly appreciated, and I feel much more confident in my understanding of risk management thanks to your clear and direct teaching style. Thank you once again for your invaluable insights and efforts.”

Ricardo Cerceau Linkedin

Senior Project Manager

“The Master Class brought my level of AI awareness to "I know what I know, and I know there is much more to learn." Two months prior to the Master Class, I set out to learn about AI after playing with ChatGPT, CoPilot, Meta AI, and Adobe AI-Assistant a few times to automate recruiting tasks.”

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“... At first, "I didn't know what I didn't know," and after running into different forms of AI hallucinations, I became concerned that I jumped into AI with little awareness and no safeguards. I quickly realized that ethical, moral, and legal matters, along with best practices, require my closest attention. I sought different sources of knowledge, looking to "know what I don't know." Through trial and error, I came across the PMI AI Assistant - Infinity and the PMOtto GPT inside ChatGPT4.o, which led me to Ricardo and Antonio and to the Master Class. The class provided "aha" moments of new knowledge, AI use cases, and specialized AI tools, as well as validation for the knowledge I acquired on my own. I appreciate the time and effort Ricardo and Antonio have put into this course, and other knowledge transfer resources. Keep It Up! ”

Jose M Colon Linkedin

Project Manager at PGT Solutions
United States

“The passion and professionalism perspiring of both Antonio and Ricardo are contagious. Thank you again.”

Mounir Salib Linkedin

Project Manager

“Ricardo and Antonio are truly dedicated to keeping us informed and their positive impact on our understanding of AI is commendable.”

Tooran Khosh Linkedin

PMO Lead
United States

“This was a very informative masterclass, and I would second it to none. It brought live experience and knowledge to the table. We could ask questions on the fly, and it was a pleasure to hear both Ricardo and Antonio. We also had guest speakers to add to the subject of innovation of applied project management for project managers in the AI space.”

Janice Guggari Linkedin

SaFe Agile IT Project Manager

“The know-how of the AI-driven project is still highly personal, so we would like to use mechanisms such as RAG to build a system that allows for broad utilization of this know-how.”

Isao Kobayashi Linkedin

CEO Founder at enFaith.LLC