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Hosmanny Goulart

Fundação Getúlio Vargas – Belo Horizonte, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo is a great master of the Project Management. Joining theoretical and practical knowledge, he demonstrates his experiences and abilities. Moreover, he has been spreading the Brazilian competency in Project Management for all the world. Congratulations and more success."

Renato Vieira

Fundação Getúlio Vargas – Belo Horizonte, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo Vargas is an authority in this field and is able to help us define next steps and plan to move foward with our professional initiatives."

Ricardo Magno

Fundação Getúlio Vargas – Belo Horizonte, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo Viana Vargas is an icon on Project Management, especially in Brazil. His dedication to the profession is an example to be followed."

Thiago Campos Pereira

Belo Horizonte, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo Vargas is a excellent professional that shares all he knows and motivates his team."

Nícia Mafra

Fundação Getúlio Vargas – Belo Horizonte, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo Viana Vargas is one of the best teachers we had during our MBA in Project Management, he can teach giving information about his work around the world. We can learn much more when we are connected with real situations, than with just ideas and theories."

Aline Gouveia

Belo Horizonte Linkedin "Ricardo has a brilliant and tireless mind that is always looking for solutions. Working with him made me learn that we must believe in the things we do, truly believe in the applications that we offer and use them in our lives. Ricardo is a master that doesn’t need a classroom or a blackboard, he is a kind of master that helps you to be a great human being, working with him is to have daily classes about how powerful can be our will to realize things, all we have to do is plan and manage them. I’m always surprised by something new that he is done and this makes me very proud, especially because I had worked in his team. But, in fact, a thing that made me really proud, as a professional and as a Brazilian person, was his acting as chairman of PMI. Everybody should be very proud about it! And this is him! If something seems to be impossible, he just go there and does the impossible…"

Ana Flávia Pimenta Braasch

Belo Horizonte, Brazil Linkedin "I knew Ricardo in 2001. Few years later, I received his invitation to join his company. Since then, he became my reference of professionalism and dedication. More than that, he is my definition of “visionary”; he is always ahead of his time and tendencies! Ricardo is also an example generosity. Everything that I know about project management, mostly, I have learned from him some way through work experience, classes, books and advices. He uses to help and support his team and counsel them on their carreers.”"

Willian Atherton

Belo Horizonte, Brazil Linkedin "As my teacher of Project Management and Operational Research at University, he knew how to make me interest for Project Management field. He was also my director at A&C Consulting where we helped our clients to manage big and important projects and Ricardo was always client result oriented, coaching and teaching his consultants how to improve client performance on management or delivering project results."

Ronaldo Barreto

Belo Horizonte, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo and I worked together at some A&C’s Project Management deals at late 1990’s. I could notice his expertise on this matter and his negotiation skills at the first big deal that we closed at this time. Ricardo also is one of the most intelligent and result-oriented person that I know."

Adler Victor Teixeira

Belo Horizonte, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo is a real pioneer in the Project Management world. He is creative and enthusiastic person, dedicated to innovative projects. There are many professors and instructors. Ricardo is a master."

Eduardo Magalhães

Belo Horizonte, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo and I joined A&C Group together back in 1995. Ricardo was pioneer in Project Management field in Brazil and a visionary in business. His abilities to plan and manage to get things done are legendary, leading Ricardo and A&C Group to success over the years."

Fernando Parreiras

Belo Horizonte, Brazil Linkedin "Vargas is the best professional project management in the world! He is a great motivator for the beginners in this discipline in organizations and colleagues in Brazil. I’ve been privileged to work directly with Vargas and learn from him what is to be proactive, organized and creative."