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“I am at the beginning of my career, and I believe this course will help me grow and create my path.”

Arthur Celani Linkedin

Business Analyst - Deloitte

“Excellent course, it will certainly help many people to give a good direction in their careers. Ricardo brings a series of guidelines and fundamental principles for success. Congratulations, Ricardo and team, the content of great value and quality! I discovered you a short time ago, but I'm already a big fan of yours.”

Marcos Juliano Coelho Linkedin

Product Development Engineer/Project Manager. - Weg

“For those of us who want to be project managers, it is very interesting to learn about the experience that the course presents us.”

Oscar Reyes

Manager - OR Architect

“This is a great course to get updated in the PMBOK 7th and to refresh the concepts and all the information about Project Management.”

Jose Cascante

roject Manager - Convergint

“Loved this course from Ricardo.He is able to convey his message with so much passion for Project Management that the student is surely not going to forget his words. The '3 Personas' section was very helpful, and I think it tells the story of a professional in any field, where the right type of experience is what gets you into the senior levels.”

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“.... Another important message he delivers very clearly is the importance of being able to convey your experience in Project management in the right way to a potential recruiter or interviewer.”

Binil Mathew

Project Management

“The Course is great as it clarifies how the Principles guide behavior within the Performance domains and the applicability across different approaches to project management.”

John Ssegwanyi Linkedin

Chief Technical Officer - CSquared

“Great course, professor extremely passionate about project management, authoritatively passes the proposed content.”

Flávio Alberto Barrilari Linkedin

Partner - Dallas Engenharia e Soluções