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“I am at the beginning of my career, and I believe this course will help me grow and create my path.”

Arthur Celani Linkedin

Business Analyst - Deloitte

“Excellent course, it will certainly help many people to give a good direction in their careers. Ricardo brings a series of guidelines and fundamental principles for success. Congratulations, Ricardo and team, the content of great value and quality! I discovered you a short time ago, but I'm already a big fan of yours.”

Marcos Juliano Coelho Linkedin

Product Development Engineer/Project Manager. - Weg

“For those of us who want to be project managers, it is very interesting to learn about the experience that the course presents us.”

Oscar Reyes

Manager - OR Architect

“This is a great course to get updated in the PMBOK 7th and to refresh the concepts and all the information about Project Management.”

Jose Cascante

roject Manager - Convergint

“Loved this course from Ricardo.He is able to convey his message with so much passion for Project Management that the student is surely not going to forget his words. The '3 Personas' section was very helpful, and I think it tells the story of a professional in any field, where the right type of experience is what gets you into the senior levels.”

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“.... Another important message he delivers very clearly is the importance of being able to convey your experience in Project management in the right way to a potential recruiter or interviewer.”

Binil Mathew

Project Management

“The Course is great as it clarifies how the Principles guide behavior within the Performance domains and the applicability across different approaches to project management.”

John Ssegwanyi Linkedin

Chief Technical Officer - CSquared

“Great course, professor extremely passionate about project management, authoritatively passes the proposed content.”

Flávio Alberto Barrilari Linkedin

Partner - Dallas Engenharia e Soluções

“Ricardo Vargas Online School is the best place to transform and connect people, programs, and processes with social responsibility.”

Alessandro Ferreira Tonnera Linkedin

Founder/Owner - Tonnacloud

“I recommend this course to everyone. It gave me a broader and more objective view of what I need to understand and what to expect from a Project Manager career. One of the parts that changed my vision the most was where we should know what kind of professional we want to be and what experiences we need for each type. Incredible! I loved it and highly recommended it!”

Gabriela Vidor Linkedin

Project Management Analyst - Grendene SA

“This course is wonderful. Ricardo, so great professionally, surprised me by being equally great as a human being. The course was created with care and attention and delivered extremely valuable tips. I was able to get several insights that will surely help me to walk my path. Thank you for the effort to bring something so rich.”

Guilherme Santos Linkedin

Jr analyst Marketing - Agranda Sementes

“First of all, thanks a lot to Ricardo Vargas for this great course! You have reached my heart with the advice and teachings you provided in your lessons. I am an eternal learner, and having had the chance to take this course opened my eyes and gave me insights to keep growing towards my tough goals. My gratitude and appreciation for your work and contributions! Thank you, kind regards.”

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Jefferson Faria Linkedin

CI Manager & MBB - Adient

“The Course is great as it clarifies how the Principles guide behavior within the Performance domains and the applicability across different approaches to project management.”

John Ssegwanyi Linkedin

Chief Technical Officer - CSquared

“Sir Ricardo is the best teacher the way he teaches is attractive, and no one gets bored even if someone hears him for hours. I'm n love with project management because of him, and he keeps me very motivated.”

Navid alam

Chief executive - Pak gem stone

“A very clear and concise course - to the point, outlining lessons learned the hard way for young and not so young professionals who want to move forward in project management - although aspects of this course cover other professions in general as well. Ricardo has given a great deal back to Project Management - he is a great source of focus and inspiration for me.”

Andrew Wish Linkedin

Senior Project Engineer - Saudi Aramco

“I am a fresher, and I want to start my career in the project management domain. For that, I completed the CAPM certificate from PMI but was confused about how to build a CV, what are the job roles, and what to expect from these job roles. This course kind of helped me to have a basic understanding of the roles in project management and how to guide my career through it.”

Mohammad Ashif Khan

Project Manager

“I really liked the content. Congratulations!”

Naiara Marchi Linkedin

Project Management Analyst - SENAI Institute of Innovation and Technology

“It is good, and helpful.”

Nixon Joseph Linkedin

Project Engineer - Hailstone Innovations Pvt Ltd

“The course has a very well-structured sequence of approaches to the PMBOK 6 edition, with its content presented through illustrations, infographics, diagrams, and practical examples in a very simple way, which facilitates its understanding. The solid experience and objectivity of Professor Ricardo Viana Vargas in exposing the subject make this course of great value to everyone who wants to work in project management.”

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“... I leave my best recommendations to anyone looking for a course of excellence on this subject. Thank you very much!”

Cássio Cardoso Linkedin

Senior Engineer - Furukawa Electric LatAm S.A.

“I discovered Ricardo while studying PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition and have been a fan of Ricardo ever since. His way of explaining things is extremely helpful for me in my daily work as a project manager. He helps me a lot to put theory into practice. Also, this time with this well-structured course about PMBOK® Guide 7th Edition.”

Sabine Kistner Linkedin

Project Manager Product Development - Kardex

“Ricardo Viana Vargas is a brilliant author, advocate, and pioneer in project economics. He was the first Latin American to be elected Chairman of the Project Management Institute.”

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“...e. He leads many global and strategic initiatives, such as to Brightline Initiative between The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Project Management Institute Mr. Vargas is well known and was recognized internationally for his contributions in the field of project management as he is the recipient of the PMI Distinguished Contribution Award (DIST) and PMI Product of the Year Award in 2005, Brazilian Project Management Personality of the Decade. Microsoft rewarded Vargas for Most Valuable Professional for his work with the Microsoft Project. He participated in the Global Project Management Forum (GPMF), one of the largest events in the world of project management organized by PMI KSA. His contributions were phenomenal in terms of reach and impact on the prestigious audience. Mr. Vargas spares no effort to support the profession of project management and its professionals while he volunteers his valuable time to elevate the knowledge and share it with all. Despite his wealth of knowledge and celebrity status in the field, he remains humble, supportive, and willing always to help in efforts to build a better future I value Mr. Vargas as a friend, colleague and I’m truly inspired by the impact he made throughout his career ”

Badr Burshaid Linkedin

Saudi Aramco - PMI Saudi Arabia

“I feel very lucky as I started the preparation for my PMP exam and found sir Ricardo on YouTube. At the very first of his lecture, I felt I had found my mentor for my career, and from that day onwards, I wish to study and follow all his lectures and his hard efforts such that he has converted tacit knowledge to explicit. I am studying for PMP, which he is not specifically teaching, but I can hear him for hours a day.”

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“... He touches the nerves and heart in every aspect of life in professional and normal life, also I was also very diverse and changing my career continuously, and many of my friends told me to stick to one, but now listening to sir, I got more confident similarly I failed more than many times but kept moving forward now. Sir Ricardo also appreciated it; also, that's why I really feel elated that these failures were not bad things, and learning from them and improving myself, I would like to thank sir for sharing such amazing and beautiful experiences. Thanks, sir a lot, a lot of respect and prayers from Pakistan”

Navid alam

Chief executive - Pal gem stone