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“It is a continuous learning course, where a dynamic that facilitates understanding is used to apply the learning immediately in project management.”

Carlos Vidal Abarca Linkedin

Contract Administrator - JEJ Ingeniería S.A.

“A very informative learning course that gave me additional information on what are the dos and don'ts and the knowledge on how to navigate my career to a whole new path.”

Charle Magne Karlo De La Cruz Linkedin

Lead QS - Technip Energies

“Thanks for your clear guidelines; this is helping me a lot in building my project management career.”

Ahmed AlAwbathani Linkedin

Project Manager - Arab Recycling Company

“Having recently completed the online learning course, I am genuinely impressed by its depth, structure, and relevance. Well-curated content made learning both engaging and impactful. It suits anyone considering starting a career in project management or someone who wants to revise their understanding of project management from an experienced project manager's point of view. It meets our professional needs.”

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“... This course offers invaluable insights and taught, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to everybody in the project management area. Take advantage of this enlightening educational experience!”

Mohd Fahmi Anuar Linkedin

Senior Manager

“PMRank gave me several insights that allowed me to bring to the PMO where I work, the possibility of taking a suggested methodology for selecting portfolio projects to the company's management. It is extremely enriching and brings a simple, clear, and objective form of direction, which, with small changes in the methodology already used today, can bring countless gains to the company's strategy.”

Luciana Gondim Linkedin

Project Analyst

“Ricardo is an incredible teacher. It's always a pleasure to learn from him. Seeing his dedication and affection for teaching is motivating.”

Rafael Da Gloria Pereira Linkedin

Operations Manager - Bram Offshore

“I highly recommend Ricardo Vargas's class to professionals at all levels. The course offers a comprehensive understanding of project management that is valuable for both beginners and experienced individuals.”

Arief Susilo Wibowo Linkedin

Senior Project Manager - PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk

“Comparing the content of the course with my experience as a PM, it has been a retrospective of my ideas, failures, and successes. I've really enjoyed this short but important episode because it reflects part of my career. Thanks, RV”

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Jhonattan Moreno Linkedin

Technical Delivery Manager - Arroyo Consulting LLC

“High-quality content, straight to the point, but without forgetting to highlight essential items. And the clarity that Ricardo conveys in his material only proves how well he masters the subject.”

Eduardo Hein Linkedin

ERP Implementation Analyst - CISS

“A very hands-on, straight-talk approach to the PM career, relevant to every PM regardless of the experience level, excelling at simplifying complex topics. I highly recommend and share the course with my whole team and community!”

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João Sarmento Linkedin

Project/Program Manager - UNITEL

“I absolutely loved Ricardo's negotiation course! The content was incredibly easy to understand, and I gained a wealth of practical takeaways. Ricardo has a unique talent for simplifying complex negotiation concepts, making them accessible and applicable. The course was filled with real-life examples and case studies that brought the material to life and would allow me to immediately apply what I learned.”

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“... I highly recommend Ricardo's course to anyone looking to enhance their negotiation skills. It's a game-changer, providing valuable insights and techniques that can be implemented in various personal and professional scenarios. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a skilled instructor, and I am confident that the knowledge and skills I acquired will have a positive and lasting impact on my negotiation effectiveness. Thank you, Ricardo, for an exceptional course!”

Erick Silva Linkedin

roject Engineer - Construcciones Atlas Falcón

“I have been following Ricardo's work for a long time; since I started this project management journey, he has been one of my main references and sources of information and learning when it comes to being an exemplary Project Manager. In addition to the ease he has in transmitting his knowledge, we have a bonus, which is his gigantic practical experience that ends up being shared, and this is generally not found on the pages of books.”

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“... This course represents exactly that, a mix of the knowledge found in PMBOK with your experience and your point of view, and for this reason, I recommend it. And I have no words to thank you for everything you, Ricardo, have done for the community of Project Manager and also for curious people who are considering embarking on this exciting career. Your love for project management is transmitted and perceived in your content, and I confess that it influenced part of this passion that I also have for this discipline today and for sharing it like you!”

Rubens do Carmo Linkedin

Project Manager II - MCI Group

“I´m a process analyst and making a career transition to be an entrepreneur. With so many projects at the same time, I realized that I needed to know more about project management to manage my new life. And for that, this course was fantastic! I will do the other ones about how to do this management. Thanks a lot, Ricardo!”

Ana Carolina Alcantara Vago Linkedin

Owner Partner - Animus Incorporadora

“Excellent Masterclass, showing a good balance between high valuable theory and group activities. It allows also the networking with the participants.”

Luis Henrique Benites Linkedin

Sr. Project & Portfolio Manager

“Priori to attending this class, I did not know what to expect. This class was exceeded my expectations. The learning significantly increased my AI understanding and my motivation to be in the flow. Thank you!”

Tooran Khosh Linkedin

Consultant, Speaker and Adjunct Professor
United States

“These 10 hours went incredibly quickly. Ricardo and Antonio shared theories, personal experiences, and lessons learned about how AI will impact project management. We had three fantastic renowned guest speakers. And we could network globally in regular breakout rooms. That was insightful, lively and left me with food for thought. Don't miss learning from the best in the project management field.”

Yasmina Khelifi Linkedin

Project Manager

“I recently joined an AI Masterclass focused on project management, and wow, it was a game-changer! We explored the incredible ways AI can streamline project processes and boost efficiency. The discussions on ethical considerations added a thought-provoking layer to the whole experience. The instructors were not only knowledgeable but also genuinely passionate about their work, making each session lively and engaging. The best part?”

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“... Connecting with fellow project management enthusiasts who shared the same excitement about AI. If you're into project management and curious about AI, you definitely don't want to miss this Masterclass!”

Fedmar Heramis Linkedin

Data Center Project Engineer
Saudi Arabia

“A great Masterclass for project leaders to dig into AI applied to project management & execution. Thoroughly inspiring and informative. Strongly recommended for all project management professionals who want to understand the emerging tools.”

Mark Cowley Services (MCS) Linkedin

Project Execution Advisory
United Arab Emirates

“The masterclass provided me with an introduction to technologies and capabilities not required in my daily responsibilities. The masterclass provided an opportunity for me to see, firsthand, how the technologies and capabilities could be used in a project environment. The exposure increases my urgency and excitement of the potential for the PM profession.”

Rick Heck Linkedin

Project Management Director at Schreiber Foods
United States

“AI is quickly becoming part of everything we do, and project management is no exception. For those interested in learning more about AI and its applications to project management, 'AI Driven PM Revolution' is an excellent starting point, and Ricardo and Antonio are skilled guides in helping do so! Highly recommended.”

Tarik Aossey Linkedin

Program Director
United States

“Ricardo, Antônio and keynote speakers commitment and enthusiasm to advancing knowledge and fostering dialogue on AI-driven project management is commendable. The diverse perspectives and expertise shared during the masterclasses have enriched my understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this evolving field.”

Marcia Aguiar Linkedin

Project Manager