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“The course is very interesting, it covers several topics that I already had in mind and only reinforced that the path I am taking is promising.”

Randuelck Jone Ribeiro de Faria Linkedin

Project Engineer - Louis Dreyfus Company

“It is a privilege to learn from Ricardo Vargas. Impeccable professional. His example is completely inspiring.”

José Otávio Andrucioli Linkedin

Project Manager

“I got my PMP Certificate in November 2021. Ricardo's videos on YouTube were key for me to pass the exam. In this course, once again, Ricardo shares with us valuable information about how to build and enhance a career in Project Management. The course is very complete. I would highly recommend it.”

Kelly Rodriguez Linkedin

Project Coordinator - Bay Matrix Group

“This course offered by Ricardo is a great start for anyone considering a career in project management. it is concise and contains all the elements one needs to catapult their career to the next level.”

Ernest Taanu Berrick Linkedin

Senior ICT Officer - Parliament of Ghana

“I really enjoyed the course. Very clear and extremely summarized and blunt.”

Nilton Barros Linkedin

Project Engineer - Bureau Veritas

“This course is marvelous. Ricardo is really very clear and inspiring! He gives advice that is full of meaning, at the same time simple, human but very concrete. Thanks!”


Project Manager

“I liked the part about writing a resume. I realized that I should reanalyze: my skills, and experience.”

Gheorghe Radu Linkedin

Project Manager - AttoSOFT

“It is really good to find a kind of experienced mentor who can guide you and show you the alternative paths you can follow in the project management world, and I would definitely recommend the course to those starting their career in PM.”

Dario VEXENAT Linkedin

Project Manager

“I had previously taken two courses from Ricardo Vargas, and I really enjoyed the clear examples and the passion that Ricardo expresses, trying to share the most valuable of his knowledge. Once again I am really happy to have taken the decision to enroll in this training. I feel motivated to be a better project manager. Thanks, Ricardo!”

Silvia Leonor Vargas Escalona Linkedin

Project manager - MetLife

“This course gave me a comprehension of what risk is, how to identify risks, and the tools and techniques to deal with risks. I do recommend this course and thank you to Ricardo and his team for this work.”

Rodrigo Machado Linkedin

Student - UBC Sauder Continuing Business Studies

“Great course and I recommend it for PMs and other project staff.”

Mohammed Alansi Linkedin

PMO - Citratop construction

“A great starting point for anyone who wants to learn the basics of risk management. The course is short and to the point and the educator explains each concept with a simple example from real life.”

Mahadevan Patil Linkedin

Analyst - Accenture

“Ricardo is the most passionate and helpful resource I have come across in the Project Management Industry. I have recommended his Youtube videos and courses to numerous people because of how helpful and easy it is to listen to and understand!”

Jessi Beamer Linkedin

Marketing Project Manager - Apollo Neuro

“Ricardo Vargas as always is a surprise box, in short, he manages to convey clearly in this course the steps so that project management professionals can start their careers in a more organized and assertive way. Congratulations!”

Maxwell Cortez Linkedin

Gerente de Projetos - Farmace

“The course is basic. Perfect for me that I am starting on the PM topics.”

Miguel Mendez Linkedin

QA Software Tester - HCL

“This course was very important to me because at this moment I'm trying to change my career to Project Management, for that reason all the modules gave me perspective and a new vision for continuing my path as a Project manager.”

Oscar Diego Loaiza Linkedin


“The course presents clearly and objectively the steps of the project management career. I recommend it.”

Marco Antonio Pacheco Junior Linkedin

Project Manager - Unicamp

“From the beginning of the journey to the end, I found the contents to be very succinct with practices, knowledge, and real-life documentaries of the author who made me aspire to new ideas, solutions, and even plans for my own professional and personal life. Simply amazing! Thank you Ricardo Vargas for the course, I have been your admirer since my entry into the project management area.”

Wesley dos Anjos Leite Linkedin

Project Analyst - TOTVS

“Clear explanations on how to lead a successful career in Project Management.”

Gleidison Jackson Gabriel Faria Linkedin

Planning Engineer - Milplan Engenharia S.A.

“Ricardo is an amazing speaker, with a huge experience in real projects. This course goes straight to the point of what really matters to be a successful professional as a Project Manager. Thanks a lot, Ricardo for sharing your experience in such an easy way to understand.”

Sergio D'Oliveira Linkedin

Project Manager

“This course is a generous gift by Ricardo, the kind of thing that only people grateful for the opportunities received and willing to share their experiences with their community do. It feels like a chat between friends at a pub table, suitable for all levels of PM professionals.”

Fernando Henrique dos Santos Linkedin

Project Manager - CloudHQ