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Joaquim Luiz Vianna

MRS Logística – Juiz de Fora, Brazil Linkedin "Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity Ricardo is a great professional who is very good at dealing with people. An innate communicator, he achieves high standard results with his influential capacity and wide knowledge of various subjects. It’s truly inspiring to work by his side due to his peculiar way of doing business. He is always up to date and determined in his pursuit to obtain knowledge."

Alessandro de Cristo

HSBC – México Linkedin "What can I say? He is just the best in his area, a world-class professional. He is highly recommended. Service Category: Business Consultant. Year first hired: 2009. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value."

Ronaldo Bassi

São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "I worked with Ricardo Vargas during last HP Services Project Managers Workshop, held in São Paulo, Brazil, on Nov/06. As a company, we were looking for a senior market professional, that could support us with the main goal of improve our PM´s skills and capabilities. HP chose Ricardo as the right professional for this mission. During the workshop, Ricardo presented customized and market updated content, with high quality materials and totally aligned with what was required by us. He covered very important topics related with management of big and complex projects, like leadership and its interfaces with project team and customers; motivational management – dealing with power aspects; management of change, conflict, stress and crisis management; project negotiation techniques – using support tools like MBTI and SDI; and also case study panels, where PMs had the opportunity to share with the team their own delivery experiences. His presentation was superlative and outstanding. He has attention to details, answering all the questions raised by participants during the event, that by the way, had very good satisfaction results. I recommend Ricardo´s consultative services for companies that want good return on their investment and long term partnership."

Flávio Dutra Doehler

Superintendente de Empreendimento de Geração e Transmissão em Sociedades

Cemig – Belo Horizonte, Brazil "Our partnership with Ricardo Vargas was not about business. It was a common well-done challenge in which we had the opportunity to join our experience with his charismatic leadership. The tangible and immediate results were three months less in the schedule of Baguari HPP implementation and a new book collecting our knowledge on Hydro Power Plant developing. But the most important result can be in the future. Behind this gentle man there is one of the most expert on project management in the world and it’s comforting to know that we can count on him again."

Marcelo Moulin

Citibank – São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo Viana is the most valuable Project Management person that I’ve met. His books and working classes are kind of treasure that you have to meet at least once in your life. Even if you feel not so comfortable about this PM subject, you will notice his capacity to teach lessons about life, work and professionalism. I suggest you to read his books. For sure, you will be able to understand better the PM theme and moreover acquire a little bit from his experience and expertise in this topic."

Marcos Cavagnoli

Citibank – São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "Marcos hired you as a Business Consultant in 2002 and hired you more than onceI had a great experience with Ricardo around 2002, when he designed for my area a specific training using the PMI methodology. The technical content was great and also Ricardo had the capacity to adjust the offer to my specific business needs. All the time he was focused on the business results that we could achieve with that training, using very good cases and tools. I use them until now, more than 8 years later!"

Marcos Araujo

Uberlândia, Brazil Linkedin "I recommend Ricardo Vargas because he is an excellent Project manager and also a friendly and considerate person to the other professionals that are not as famous as he is. This behavior shows us the humility of a great leader that is always ready to help."

Abrahão Henrique

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo, besides being who he is in the “Project Management Good Practices” world, is an example of humility and selflessness."

Marcelo Bastos

Banco do Brasil – São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "I consider Ricardo Vargas as a great reference in Project Management in Brazil and worldwide. He inspired me to know and use the PMI proposed practical. Besides, he has entrepeneurial vision and passion for everything he does. It’s always a pleasure to meet him and talk either personal or virtually. Ricardo thinks big and is extremely connected to the subjects concerning to management and to the great market changes, or on the economy and the society. Certainly, he is an outlier professional."

Jorge Arthur Leitão

Microsoft – São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "I know Ricardo Vargas for many years, and he is one of the people I really admire in our Industry. I’m proud to display his recommendation in my profile, and that he asked me for a recommendation. Ricardo is skilled professional who has a deep knowledge in Project Management, but what is outstanding is his constant willingness to share his knowledge. He is a true leader on the Project Management Community in Brazil and Latin America, who achieved by the vote of his peers the role of Chair for PMI. Hardworking, visionary, relentless, charismatic and a great communicator; all those adjectives could pretty well describe Ricardo, but beyond all that, he is a gentleman, family man, caring human being that has overcome his challenges with grace and kindness."

Ozeas Vieira Santana Filho

São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "It is easy to recommend a quality professional as Ricardo. He has a great communication skill and he is one of the most knowledgeable person in project management. He and Finocchio did a great job delivering the PMDOME workshop at Senac."

Sandra Delfim

Cognis – São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo is one of the best Project Management Consultant. He´s very creative and has large international experiences on Project Management Trainings and innovate ideas. If you´re looking for a Project Management, Leadership or Team Building trainings, you have to contact Ricardo. He´ll surprises you and you´ll add value to your team. One special remark is his DOME training. Your leaders will work in a different manner after participating on this."