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Understanding the Concept of Gray Rhinos and Our Negligence to Respond to Highly Likely and Impactful Events

In this week's episode, Ricardo discusses the Gray Rhino concept described in Michele Wucker's book. Ricardo comments that this idea is the opposite of the Black Swan concept. Events and risks, according to the Black Swan concept, have a very low probability of happening but can have catastrophic consequences if they do occur.


Why are we so afraid of failure?

In this podcast, Ricardo proposes to us a reflection: why, in both our professional and personal lives, the fear of failure bothers us so much? He says that many societies value the success and penalize failure at the same intensity, and leaves the question: does this logic is the best one?


10 Reasons for Project Failure - Part 1 of 2

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the 10 main causes of project failure. Just knowing what can go wrong in our project, helps us to avoid it. Five causes are discussed this week and the other five, next week. Ricardo also comments briefly on the PMI Pulse 2012, recently published by PMI.

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