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Movement is Not Necessarily Progress

In this episode, Ricardo tries to define what making progress really is. Many times even brilliant people get trapped thinking that movement = action = progress. Movement for the sake of proving you are doing something is pointless, consumes energy and resources and will not take you and your organization anywhere.


Inside Triple-E: The World's Largest Ship

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about his visit to the world's largest ship, the Danish Triple-E, anchored in the Copenhagen harbour this month. The ship was manufactured in South Korea and had several technological solutions of a sustainable design. The "E" stands for "Economic of Scale", "Energy Efficiency" and "Environmental Performance". Learn more about the ship at www.worldslargestship.com


Maersk Triple-E: Visiting the World's Largest Ship for Containers

Ricardo takes a quick tour of some parts of the Maersk Triple-E: The Largest Ship to carry containers in the World (2013). The visit took place at the port of Copenhagen, Denmark. Triple E ships belong to a category of super ships for the transport of containers, with a capacity to transport more than 18,000 containers (18,000 TEU). The name "Triple E" is derived from the principles that guided its design:


A Different Podcast: Harry Potter Studios in London

In this first podcast of 2013, Ricardo comments, from the project management perspective, his surprising visit to the Harry Potter Studios in London. How a brilliant idea, through a outstanding execution, has become one of the most successful projects in the world. See the pictures: http://rvarg.as/harrypotter


Directly from Paris: The Secret of Project Management for Luxury Goods

Directly from Paris, France, Ricardo talks in this podcast about the most important characteristics of project management for the development of luxury goods, where criteria like speed and cost reduction are revisited and re-contextualized to reach a market that is driven by other assumptions. He focus on the image construction and exclusivity as essential peculiarity of the functional scope (requirement) of this kind of product.


DVD Excellence in Projects - Exercises

Exercises of DVD produced by Ricardo Vargas in partnership with Sete Distribuidora. The DVD objective is to present, in a simple and interactive way, the basic concepts of project management, using one of the most popular tools in the world, the Microsoft Project. Content of this Chapter: – Basic concepts of Project Management – Project Definition – Project Success – Project Phases


Differentiating the Functions of the Project Manager and the Project Management Office

In this podcast Ricardo talks about the misunderstanding that many professionals make about the roles of the project manager and the PMO. Many professionals assert incorrectly that the management of the project is a PMO role. He also explains the differences between the 2 roles using an analogy with a car in a road with a driver and a instrument panel.


Five Big Trends in Project Management - PM Network Report

In this podcast Ricardo discusses the III Annual PM Network Trend Report, published in June, 2009. He presents the main trends in projects induced by the global crisis and how companies and professionals can benefit themselves from this scenario. The PM Network magazine is distributed to PMI members and they can access the file at member's area of PMI website.


2014 FIFA Soccer WorldCup in Brazil

Podcast that Ricardo return back to the project management needs to the 2014 Soccer WorldCup in Brazil. The podcast was recorded in order to complement the interview that he gave to the brazilian magazine Amanhã (tomorrow). If you are interested in access the full interview at http://issuu.com/ricardo.vargas/docs/interview-amanha-newspaper. Interview in Brazilian Portuguese.